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Bryan Chase Makes a Powerful Comeback with Latest Single “Restart It”

Bryan Chase

South Korean hip-hop artist Bryan Chase makes a powerful comeback with his latest single, “Restart It,” signaling the start of a new chapter in his musical journey. Released via THEBLACKLABEL and Interscope Records, “Restart It” is an anthemic track that serves as a reset button, expressing the raw emotions of rebirth. Produced by the renowned beat-maker 24, known for his work with BLACKPINK, the song pays homage to Bryan’s roots with The Cohort, the rap crew he emerged with during Seoul’s thriving rap scene.

Bryan’s debut EP, “2U,” dropped on June 28th. The EP features a blend of trap, pop, and alternative hip-hop, showcasing Bryan’s versatility as an artist. The title track boasts a collaboration with New York rap star A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, adding another layer of excitement to the project. With songwriting contributions from Bryan himself and production from BIG BANANA, 24, and longtime collaborator JUNIORCHEF, 2U promises to captivate listeners with its dynamic sound.

Joining the esteemed roster of THEBLACKLABEL and Interscope Records, Bryan Chase becomes the label’s sole Korean rapper, following in the footsteps of legendary hip-hop artists such as 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar. Bryan’s rise to prominence began as a member of The Cohort, a Korean hip-hop collective that garnered global recognition for its unique sound and cross-cultural appeal. With support from influential platforms like VICE, Complex, and The Fader, The Cohort made waves in the underground rap scene, solidifying their status as trendsetters.

Born in Seoul but raised between Texas and Virginia, Bryan Chase’s love for hip-hop stems from his early exposure to the Southern rap scene. He is ready to make his mark on the international stage, and “Restart It” is just the beginning of his compelling musical narrative.



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