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Brian Walker Explores Love & Overthinking in “When I Start To Care”

Brian Walker

Multitalented artist Brian Walker has released his latest single, “When I Start To Care,” a relatable tune about catching feelings for someone and the pitfalls of overthinking and pushing a relationship too hard. Written last summer, Walker also produced the track, which was mixed by DJ Swivel and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

Having dropped his debut single, “Conflicted,” in late 2018, Walker has since been featured on 92.5 The River and numerous Spotify playlists. His most-streamed song to date is the collaboration with Redbull 3 Style World Champion Eskei83, “My Letter.” Walker kicked off 2023 with the single “Red Flags,” accompanied by a Boston-shot music video depicting him being kidnapped by an obsessive fan.

On April 14th, Walker released a follow-up music video for “When I Start To Care,” shot in NYC. The split-screen video captures Walker unraveling as he pursues a girl he cares about. Producing, writing, and recording his music from his bedroom-turned-home studio, Walker’s lyrics are inspired by his personal experiences, while his melodies and harmonies draw from various genres and time periods.

Growing up on Monahan Farm in East Kingston, NH, Walker began playing piano at age 5. He has played over 550 shows since 2018, including 136 in 2022 alone. Be sure to follow Brian Walker.



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