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Bri Feel Brings Vibrant R&B Energy with New Single “Mine”

Bri Feel

Bri Feel, an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, is creating a stir with her most recent single, “Mine,” an uplifting and energizing R&B ballad that wonderfully encapsulates the essence of new love and happiness. Drawing sonic parallels to the work of artists like Victoria Monet, Lucky Daye, and India Shawn, Bri Feel’s “Mine” highlights the importance of a solid bass line and live instruments, injecting the song with infectious energy.

Lyrically, the track declares newly discovered love, peace, and happiness and promises to give back that same energy in return. “Mine” is Bri Feel’s first release of 2023. It comes after several hits that have amassed over 3 million streams, editorial playlist placements, and sync deals with Viacom and Showtime.

With “Mine,” Bri Feel further solidifies her place in the R&B landscape, diversifying her #FEELtrip journey and adding her unique touch to the new artist scene. As listeners embrace the warm vibes and uplifting message of “Mine,” there’s no doubt that Bri Feel’s star will continue to rise, making her a name to watch in the world of R&B music.



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