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Bravioso Takes Listeners on a Ride with “Out Of Body”


In the raw and reflective track “Out Of Body,” Bravioso takes listeners on an intimate journey through his battles and breakthroughs. This narrative is steeped in the harsh realities of life’s trials and the triumph of overcoming. Bravioso isn’t just rapping; he’s preaching resilience, growth, and survival against the odds.

“Out Of Body” is Bravioso’s testament to the hard decisions and even harder realities he’s faced. Through his potent lyrics, he invites listeners into his world, sharing the pain, the pressure, and the pivotal moments that propelled him beyond stagnation. This track is a beacon for anyone feeling trapped by their circumstances, offering a mirror to Bravioso’s struggles and a window to transcending one’s limits.

With roots that trace back to Compton and a life split between the valleys of Los Angeles and the streets of Raleigh, NC, Bravioso’s sound is a blend of coasts, cultures, and challenges. His evolution is evident in every verse, from a young talent to a voice of experience.

“Out Of Body” is an invitation from Bravioso to break free, grow, and witness how adversity can shape but not define your path. For Bravioso, music is more than expression; it’s a mission to show that strength, insight, and, perhaps most importantly, a way forward can come from the depths of despair.



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