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Bobby Part Time “Body on My Mind” ft Chris Betts

Bobby Part Time

Fresh off the success of his sophomore album, “To Whom It May Concern,” Bobby Part Time waves in the hip-hop scene with his new track “Body on My Mind.” Hailing from Philadelphia, this MC, singer, and songwriter draws inspiration from his roots to deliver catchy wordplay and a dynamic flow that sets him apart.

Bobby Part Time discovered his passion for rapping during his teenage years. He formed the duo “Two White Boys” with his cousin, creating a unique project showcasing their collaborative talents. Bobby Part Time’s cousin is also credited with his productions, highlighting their creative partnership.

With an impressive release schedule, it’s clear that Bobby Part Time is dedicated to his craft and has no plans of slowing down. His hard work and determination are evident in his music, which resonates with listeners and showcases his versatile skills as an artist.

Bobby Part Time’s ability to seamlessly blend various musical styles is a testament to his talent and creative vision. His tracks are filled with infectious hooks, clever lyrics, and a captivating energy that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish. Whether rapping or singing, Bobby Part Time brings a refreshing and innovative approach to his music.



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