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blxkout Drops Motivating Song “CASH” ft Badd Milo


Money is the engine that makes the world go around, whether you like it or not. This is all that’s on blxkout’s mind in his new song “CASH” featuring Badd Milo. The track is inspired by the mighty “green,” and you will feel instantly in a money-making mood when you hear it.

blxkout was raised in Michigan, Detroit, and has taken control of his destiny by pursuing his musical dream. His dad’s music motivated him, and he followed his lead. At a young age, he experimented with different elements and learned the craft. Later, he purchased FL Studio for his computer, produced beats, and started posting them on Instagram. Then, he gained traction for his production skills, put his beats on YouTube under his producer name, Greatness, and networked with other producers.

To showcase his lyrical abilities, he began rapping. His 2021 debut single, “Too Flashy,” received nothing but love from his high school. Despite the song being made for fun, blxkout decided to add rapping permanently to his resume and released “Burn” as a single. His rapping abilities improved, and many are eager to see his future.



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