Blanco Releases New Single “Marvin Sapp” 


Upcoming rapper and hip-hop artist Blanco has released a new single called “Marvin Sapp.” The multitalented rapper, songwriter, and producer have been on a roll in the past few months. He pledged to release a new song every week till the end of the year, and he’s gradually making it happen.

The Michigan rapper is known for his unique style of blending up-tempo beats with street flow while keeping a cool demeanor all through the track. Two weeks ago, he released a new single, “10 Year Round,” and a few days ago, he returned with “Pink & Blues.” Barely three months ago, he also released two other singles, “Illegal” and “Tris.”

Blanco calls his musical style “Hustler’s Music” and draws his inspiration from the works of great artists like Lil Wayne, Curren$y, and other industry heavyweights.

As the year draws to a close, sit still and anticipate more music from this highly talented artist as he works towards dominating the music scene.



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