Blanco Balling Reveals New Track “Lil Vietnam” ft Kap G

Blanco Balling

“Got a lot in store, we ready for war, ya, little Vietnam…”

– quote from “Lil Vietnam”

Adding to his trilogy of releases, Blanco Balling reveals his new track “Lil Vietnam” featuring Kap G. The song is a follow up from his album “Deportados” and “King of the Underground,” and a warm-up for his third installment titled “Kyng Blanco.”

“Lil Vietnam” has to do with betrayal. Kap G’s smooth style blended with Blanco’s delivers a captivating sound. 

Blanco Balling is a Nicaraguan-American artist and the owner of Northern Organized Records with 15 artists under his label. He’s made a name for himself by bringing a Latino family-owned business to the music industry and collaborating with major creators such as Kap G, Sada Baby, and Mozzy.  




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