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Big gee Teams Up with Overlord Scooch in “Street Life”

Big gee

When the urban streets of Detroit resonate with the deep, soulful beats of hip-hop, know that Big gee is likely around the corner, amplifying the city’s rhythm. With his new track “Street Life,” featuring the charismatic Overlord Scooch, Big gee offers the world a taste of Motor City’s undying spirit – a blend of 90’s classic hip-hop, yet distinctly contemporary and undeniably Detroit.

Making waves since he was 15, Big gee’s commitment to the art form has remained unwavering. From dropping mixtapes that ricocheted across the scene in 2018 to owning the stage at venues like Studio 51 and Club Bleu, Big gee’s momentum is unstoppable. His opening acts for heavyweights like Baby Face Ray and Sterl Gotti have cemented his growing reputation. And now, after the successful launches of the “Different Breed” EP and “Corner Store Kid” in consecutive years, Big gee’s recent drop, Jefè Montè, showcases his mastery.

“Street Life” is a testament to Big gee’s musical evolution. Channeling the golden era’s relaxed, sun-drenched beats while adding a Detroit grit, the track paints a vivid picture of striving for success in the urban jungle. Big gee’s lyrical prowess, distinctive voice, and Overlord Scooch’s electric presence culminate in an irresistibly potent symphony.

Big gee’s command over his craft makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you’re looking for authenticity, raw energy, and an ode to Detroit’s indefatigable spirit, then “Street Life” is where your search ends.



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