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Big Boss Vette Takes Over the Game with “ION NEED”

Big Boss Vette

Introducing the fierce and fearless rap artist Big Boss Vette and her latest single, “ION NEED.” With her punchy and unapologetic style, Big Boss Vette makes waves in the music scene, delivering hard-hitting lyrics and commanding beats that demand attention.

“ION NEED” showcases Vette’s confidence as she proclaims her independence, asserting that she doesn’t need a man for anything. The music video is a powerful display of her boss-like persona, as men line up for a chance to be in her life, only to be denied one by one. The track is driven by a piano and a glitchy beat, with sirens wailing in the background, adding to the intense atmosphere.

Big Boss Vette has been making waves on the stage as well. She recently opened for Kehlani on her Oakland tour stop and showcased her skills in the “Ladies Night Part 2” cypher for On The Radar, an acclaimed Hip Hop platform. Her upcoming performances include Sundown Alaska Festival, Rolling Loud Miami, and Lollapalooza. But before that, she’ll hit the stage at WHTA’s “Who’s Hot?” event in Atlanta ahead of their HOT 107.9 Birthday Bash.

With her recent release, “Problem,” earning widespread critical acclaim and being recognized as a rising star by Billboard and Brooklyn Vegan, Big Boss Vette is solidifying her position as St. Louis’s biggest, boldest, and best new artist. Her debut project just dropped, and fans can expect much more from this talented rapper.

Get ready to witness the rise of Big Boss Vette as she continues to captivate audiences with her powerful presence, electrifying performances, and unapologetic style. Keep an eye out for this rising star; she is undoubtedly making her mark on the music industry with her fierce attitude and undeniable talent.



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