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Ben Schuller Confronts His Dual Identity in “LET ME GO”

Ben Schuller

In the latest chapter of his groundbreaking series “Two Sides of the Same Coin,” multi-talented artist Ben Schuller is set to unveil “LET ME GO,” a track that delves into the internal conflict between his identities as an artist and an influencer. This penultimate release in the series is a raw and honest portrayal of Schuller’s struggle for authenticity while chasing success.

“LET ME GO” symbolizes the artist within Ben Schuller fighting to break free from the dominating influencer persona that has defined him for years. It’s a gripping narrative of an individual at war with himself, torn between the drive for artistic integrity and the allure of online fame. This track marks the first direct confrontation between these two facets of Schuller’s identity, paving the way for the grand finale video slated for a late November release.

Having emerged from the YouTube world as a key member of NerdOut and known for his acoustic covers, Ben Schuller has always been at the forefront of creative innovation. Yet, his realization of the toll that the internet and the quest for validation took on his self-worth led to his introspective music video album, “New Roaring 20s.”

“Two Sides of the Same Coin” continues this journey, deepening the artist’s struggle with identity and creative control in an industry obsessed with digital presence. Throughout 2023, Schuller has released songs and videos from the project, inviting his audience to join him in this introspective exploration.

Ben Schuller’s “LET ME GO” reflects the complex reality many artists face in today’s digitally-driven world. It’s a story of conflict and desire, of the artist who meticulously crafts every lyric and the influencer who navigates the ever-changing algorithms. “LET ME GO” is a compelling addition to Schuller’s discography and a crucial step in his artistic evolution.



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