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Beige Releases New Single “Bad Love”


Talented Virginia-born artist Beige has released his new single, “Bad Love.” The song is a powerful anthem about the ups and downs of love and the often-difficult journey toward finding true happiness.

With its catchy lyrics and emotive melody, “Bad Love” immediately draws the listener in, vividly depicting the struggles and heartache that can come with relationships. Throughout the song, Beige’s raw and powerful vocals convey a sense of vulnerability and resilience, making it clear that he has experienced the emotions he sings about firsthand.

Overall, “Bad Love” is a song everyone can relate to, as we all have experienced the ups and downs of love. With an electrifyingly crafted production, this song creates an atmosphere that allows the listener to connect with the lyrics and emotions.

This song marks his fourth and last single for 2022 after he released “Mrs. Sunshine,” “Palm Tree,” and “How long it takes.”

Check the song out here, and subscribe to his channel, as he has many more tracks to release in the coming months.



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