Barlito Barlito Releases Video for New Song “Marathon”

Barlito Barlito

“I’m selling gas like marathon yea my spot like the store, flavors like variety pack come pay and pick out what you want…”

– quote from “Marathon”

Rising North Carolina music sensation, Barlito Barlito has released a smashing hit single titled “Marathon.” Signed to QMG, Barlito Barlito is the new kid on the block, who has come to leave his footprint on the sand of time. In this song, Barlito announces his arrival on the street as a hustler, and challenges every realer out there to come shop with the incredible talent he has to offer.

After a tough childhood at a small city called High Point near Greensboro, where he experienced life’s cruelest circumstances, Barlito Barlito is poised to find his redemption in music. Dealing with the absence of his parents, living in foster homes and dealing with hardships, has pushed this upcoming musician to the brink of his breaking point. But he has chosen the noble path of music to tell his story, carve a niche for himself, and achieve greatness. He sings about life on the streets, the highs and the lows, and how to keep your head up and turn the negatives into positives.







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