Barlito Barlito Makes It Across the Finish Line in “Race”

Barlito Barlito

“I bet the streets know we the undefeated group like NBA…”

– quote from “Race”

On his latest single, “Race,” Barlito Barlito slid through, kickin’ his flavor with that raw North Carolina flow, finishing 2021 off letting his fans know what’s in store for 2022, more bangers!

Skatin’ through traffic in the classic, knockin’ his new shi*, the visual put you right there in the back seat with Barlito Barlito riding around town, ducking 12, doing what he do.

Growing up had more downs than ups. In and out of foster care, not having his parents around made it seem so unreal that a music career could be a way out.

Having faced some of the most excruciating circumstances at a young age, who would have thought a young black man from High Point, North Carolina would make it out and make hits after hit. 







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