BabyDior Releases New Single “Coming Out the YO”


“I swear to god this shi* a movie, I pressed ya button, I press rewind…”

– quote from “Comin Out the YO”

Upcoming South Memphis rapper, BabyDior has just dropped a smashing hit single he calls “Comin Out the Yo.” In this song, BabyDior reintroduces himself as a voice of the streets and a passionate hustler you can never overlook.

BabyDior has been lowkey in the music industry for quite a long time, and with this track, he declares that his time is now, and he has come to dominate.

Riding on the rhythm of a piano melody and thumping bass, just as is customary to South Memphis music stars, BabyDior dishes out some witty punchlines on this track, with an intense passion written all over his face all through the video.

His style of music is influenced by great musical icons from his city like Key Glock, Young Dolph, and Black Youngstar. This track is a testament to what’s to come, and he promises to keep dishing out more awesome music until the streets get painted with his name.







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