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Baby Codie Drops New Single “Stand On It”

Baby Codie

In anticipation of his forthcoming EP, Florida rap sensation Baby Codie has released a new single titled “Stand on It.”

While being highly-revered for putting his soul into his music and drawing inspiration from the world and happenings around him, Baby Codie is using this lead single to get the airways ready for his big project.

The track is a testament to the rapper’s commitment to authenticity and staying true to his word. In the song, Baby Codie raps about not being a betrayer and standing on his words, delivering a powerful message to his listeners.

He has released other amazing songs in the past few months, “Out the Way” and “Somebody or Nobody.” Both songs were well received, and fans are eager to hear more from the talented artist.

With his powerful lyrics and passionate delivery, Baby Codie is making a name for himself in the rap world. Listen to the song below and anticipate his forthcoming EP.



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