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Aye Hunna & Jaye Blow Return with “Smoker’s Section” 

Aye Hunna

Fast-rising UK trap/trap duo Aye Hunna and Jaye Blow have released another sensational single they call “Smokers Section.”

This dynamic duo, who hail from North West and West London, respectively, have been writing songs and making underground music over the years until 2020, when they decided to collaborate and walk this path together.

They started by building their own music studio where they self-produced their songs, and then they also floated their independent record label, “Munna Gram Records.”

As a determined duo bursting with talents, Aye and Jaye quickly recorded three new singles, “Designer, “Stay for the Night,” and “New Pattern,” within a few months before they added this one, “Smokers section,” all of which are a part of their debut EP, “Care Package.”

Care Package has since been released on all music streaming platforms and is racking up numbers and commendations from music enthusiasts.



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