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Noah Slee

Noah Slee Releases New Track “Still”

“How could I be thinking about you still, you got that kind of love that’s hard to kill, you build me up and tear me down in no time, oh my, all lies, is this real…” – quote from “Still” STREAM: Just when you think Noah Slee has done it all with the release of “Sunflower” in July, he is back to pull on the strings of your heart with his most recent single “Still”. The Berliner New Zealand […]

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Neaks Takes Fans on a Journey as he Features Kye Hefner in New Single “Fallen”

“Do you got what it takes? Can you wear the hat bro? Sold shirts on the street just to eat, we was mad broke…” – quote from “Fallen” STREAM: Los Angeles based rapper, singer and songwriter Neaks has raised the curtains to a different kind of hip-hop with his new track “Fallen”. The recording artist and musician has opened up as a dancer for artists like Tyga, LMFAO, Shwayze and Chris Young and has worked with artists like Ne-Yo, […]

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4x4 Amox Sava Bks

New Music by Amok featuring Sava Bks “4×4”

“And I dress myself all white just like the Pope, only high-class with the G-Class 4×4…” – quote from “4×4” STREAM: Amok in collaboration with Sava Bks released their new single 4×4, an uptempo track guaranteed to engage its listeners with the first note. The song talks about enjoying the finer things in life, especially 4×4’s as you’ll come to learn when you hear the catchy hook on this song. The song is accompanied by a creative visual where […]

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PHFAT Features Patty Monroe in Latest Track “Get Some”

“What you want, what you need, you can get some. Take it slow, we can go till you get done…” – quote from “Get Some” STREAM: South African rapper PHFAT is all about relationships in his new release “Get Some”. The multi-talented Cape Town based artist who made his debut in 2014 via commercial radio and national festival stages, has opened for artists like Public Enemy, MGMT, Crystal Castles, amongst others and made hit tracks with over 10 million […]

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Broughton Releases New Single “Miss Me”

“If I die tomorrow would you miss me, would you wish that you could kiss me one last time, cherish moments from a past time…” – quote from “Miss Me” Broughton, a Gatwick native artist who is also one half of the collective NQH, releases his new single “Miss Me”. STREAM: FOLLOW Soundcloud Apple Music Instagram Twitter Spotify YouTube

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Saul Rivers

Saul Rivers Tugs at the Heartstrings with “Waves”

“I sit down and try to right my mind, but this time I’m throwing it away. I just wanna feel for the first time without my mind getting in the way…” – quote from “Waves” STREAM: Looking for a song that teaches you to let go of yourself and just feel? There, you have it. Multi-talented New York born and bred artist Saul Rivers puts together a calm soulful melody with element of pop, soul, and R&B which is […]

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Hunnid Features Streetz in Banging New Single “Lonely At The Top”

“This the lean road, couldn’t walk a mile, put yo feet in those, hand up like bleeding nose, 30 in the clip, you get each of those…” – quote from “Lonely At The Top” STREAM: Talented urban artist, songwriter and producer Hunnid has dropped a brand new single “Lonely At The Top”. The award winning artist from Chicago once again put his diversity and talent to play with this track that cuts across genres from rap to hip-hop to R&B. […]

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Rosco P Flxn

Rosco P Returns with New Track “FLXN” Produced by DeeJay Shyne

“Been on fire for a minute, I been grinding independent, know them labels coming with it…” – quote from “FLXN” STREAM: It’s all about hitting back better with Rosco P as he returns with a hot track that reminds you the talented artist means business. A banging new single produced by DeeJay Shyne and directed by Derien Aurelius, “FLXN” is packed full of the ever present energy Rosco P offers in a fast paced delivery with a banging beat, […]

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Finessed Has Something for His Haters in Newest Release “Want Me Dead”

“They like Finessed, that boy is blessed…b*** I’m still here, they want me dead…” – quote from “Want Me Dead” STREAM: Bay Area hip-hop artist Finessed is thrilling his fans once again with his latest release “Want Me Dead”. Produced by Steppin’ Beats and directed by Ali Networks, “Want Me Dead” is a song that everyone can relate to and enjoy, especially those who know what it means to live with people hating you and not wanting you to […]

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Grice Drops Highly-Anticipated New Song “In The Air”

“Yeah, hating cause I’m self-made, so much game the commentator say it’s well played…” – quote from “In The Air” STREAM: Hip-hop artist David Grice has just released the first track “In The Air” and is already recording high numbers of streaming and listenership online. The Columbia, South Carolina artist, who has made a name for himself in the hip-hop industry due to his versatility and creativity, is once again raising the bars and exceeding expectations like he has […]

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