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Pee Supreme

Pee Supreme Unleashes Music Video “Dinosaur”

“Consistent velocity, bi*ch you ain’t liver than me, I’m the muthafuc*ing one h** definitely, watch me pull of, I’m the leader, bi*ch you following me…” – quote from “Dinosaur” Hot Texas rapper Pee Supreme drops her long anticipated video for “Dinosaur”, presented by Southern Heat Ent and The Supreme Life Music. In “Dinosaur”, Pee unveils a part of herself that has firmly confirmed her ambition to rise to the very top in the game of rap against all resistances. She […]

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Zenas Draws a Different Kind of Emotion in “By Ur Side”

“You and me, we’ve been through it, but we got it done, tell the DJ play, baby let it run…” – quote from “By Ur Side” Zenas says that this new hit is “my love letter to my person”. That’s something we don’t see every day. In this passionate track, Zenas opens with a set of organized intricate sounds that tingle your ears and prepares you for the emotion that’s about to hit you. He dives straight into verse one, […]

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Kid Travis

Kid Travis Drops New Love Song “Galaxy”

“I went from loving you to looking for love in the wrong place. In every corner of the galaxy I would see your face…” – quote from “Galaxy” Musically talented Philadelphia artist, Kid Travis, dropped a single called “Galaxy”. In his song he speaks about searching for a girl’s love at every corner of the galaxy. It has a funky beat, melodic feel and nice lyrics. Kid Travis’ voice goes very well with the beat and gives you two instincts […]

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Mophead TBC

Mophead TBC Is Back At It with “Groovy” ft Shells Macc

“We shootas, no half time…” – quote from “Groovy” Brooklyn artist, Mophead TBC, paired with Shells Mac to create a new single called “Groovy”. The instrumental and lyrics on this track makes you want to be exactly what the title is, groovy. The drill beat catches your ear, the lyrics are nice, and Mophead’s flow goes well along with it. The “Groovy” music video is full of distortion including blue backgrounds and close ups of Mophead TBC. MOPHEAD TBC “DAMAGE” […]

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Ronin Halloway

Ronin Halloway Releases Dynamic Single “THANOS”

“B*tch I’m in my prime, look me in my eyes…say it from my chest, turn this water into wine..” – quote from “THANOS” Cincinnati, Ohio music artist, Ronin Halloway, recently dropped a video to his single “THANOS”. The track has an interesting and unique rap instrumental and Ronin flows on it aggressively. “THANOS” is straightforward, as is the music video, which was shot by Nick Federinko and Bradley Thompson, and edited by Bradley Thompson. The visual shows various close-up shots […]

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RedRum Brings the Heat with “On Fire”

“Extinction level event when I gets the urge. Black out, my spaz game, power gets to surge. Diesel in my lungs, where the sourness occurs. Get ate up and sh*t out, devoured in the purge…” – quote from “On Fire” Orlando-based duo RedRum from the Pedigree Entertainment label drops heat with their enthusiastic single titled “On Fire”. The track comes from the group’s upcoming project “The Lucifer Effect”, which doesn’t have a release date at this time. “On Fire” is […]

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Tay Da Prince and John Legend

Tay Da Prince “Love One Another” ft John Legend

“We need to love one another, need to hug one another, we sell drugs to each other, a brother will say he love, but he’ll still kill you…” – quote from “Love One Another” “Love One Another” is a socially educative song by conscious artist Tay Da Prince featuring John Legend. For a song that was inspired by issues like gun violence and racism, it would have been easy for Tay Da Prince to deliver a gloomy, angry message about […]

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Vise Versa

Vise Versa Switches It Up with “Face To Face”

“I’m tired of this phone, I’m tryna get you alone and wear yo a** like some cologne. I’m tired of the FaceTime, I wanna see you in the daytime…” – quote from “Face to Face” Rising Wisconsin rap artist Vise Versa drops an exclusive new track titled “Face To Face”. “Face To Face” is associated with 100k Production and is her 3rd single from her upcoming album “Foe Chaos” that’s set to be released in October. The “Foe Chaos” project […]

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Rich Caviar

Rich Caviar Drops New Single “Shyamalan”

“I put the work in sun up to sun down, I’m in this bi*ch, I’m thinking whatever the fu*k I want now…” – quote from “Shyamalan” Multi-talented artist Rich Caviar just released his self-produced single titled “Shyamalan”. In “Shyamalan”, Rich keeps listeners hooked by executing bars at rapid speeds, and offers up clever punchlines and fast-paced flows. He uses expressions with multiple meanings to describe his way of life. Rich Caviar is a Russian-American rapper who’s performed alongside notable artists […]

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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Releases New Single “Dinosaurs”

“Then Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t the smartest of the smartest, but you wouldn’t wanna box with the short-armed carnivorous martial artist…” – quote from “Dinosaurs” Lupe Fiasco has delivered a track “Dinosaurs” from his new EP, a collaboration with Kaelin Ellis titled “House”. This is likely the closest we have seen to Lupe having fun as he made his best attempt at mirroring the roar of a dinosaur. In the song, Lupe takes us back to the prehistoric era. There is […]

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