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ROE Relives the 90s With Her Debut Track “I Like”

“I like the way you kiss me when we love and you say my name…” – quote from “I Like” Up and coming music artist ROE has done a fantastic job in resuscitating the 90s vibes in her debut song “I Like”. The song is a fascinating replica of Hi-Five’s “I Like the Way (Kissing Game)”, which topped Billboard in the 90s. In the song, ROE skillfully presents a pleasant distraction of the overwhelming burst of romance between two people […]

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Logan Wood

Logan Wood Delivers “Rebounds” from His New Mixtape

“I ain’t here for the pinky rings or the platinum gold with the diamond chains, if that’s your goals then we ain’t on the same page…” – quote from “Rebounds” Canadian artist Logan Wood just dropped his 10th track titled “Rebounds” from his debut mixtape titled “Nottingham & Devon”. Everything you hear in the song was composed, recorded, and produced by Logan himself. Logan says that the truly found his sound with this 13 track project ”Nottingham & Devon” and […]

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GYYPS Unleashes Bob Ross Personality in “YY (Drop Til It Pop)”

“Led her to my parter she gon’ lead me to her friends, yuh, we like popping’ bottles like they popping perky tens…” – quote from “YY (Drop Til It Pop)” Even amidst the devastating pandemic circumstances, GYYPS has fascinated his fans with a hit song he titled “YY (Drop Til It Pop)”. Right after amassing global streams from over 80 million internet users on his most recent mixtape release, the talented artist now enjoys thousands of following and streams for […]

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Micki Ronnae

Micki Ronnae Adds a Unique Twist in “George Floyd”

“They done set the city on fire, hold one cop accountable, now the rest want to retire…” – quote from “George Floyd” Multi-talented Tulsa, Oklahoma artist Micki Ronnae channels her thoughts on racial injustice with a different twist in “George Floyd”. The song is inspired by Floyd’s death and the aftermath. In “George Floyd”, Micki showcases her unique, raw flow over a mellow, jazzy production as she talks about the wave of protests and inequity that have been carried out […]

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Kid Travis

Take Off on the Latest Track “San Andreas” by Kid Travis

“Top down, yeah you know we go fast, ride around in the wheel with my lass, diamonds dance, didn’t know they really dance, you know how we dance with our feet up on the dash…” – quote from “San Andreas” Talented Philadelphian artist Kid Travis takes you on a ride with his video game-inspired song titled “San Andreas”. The vibe of this catchy song is similar to the experience of playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Technology has a big influence […]

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MOPHEAD TBC Releases Visual for “Get To It”

“All my n*** get money, that’s evident, pockets been stacking, that’s president…” – quote from “Get To It” Talented Brooklyn artist MOPHEAD TBC just recently released the much anticipated visual for “Get To It”. The song distinctly exhibits the young artist’s music ability and his aspiration to reach the highest peak to the top. MOPHEAD TBC lyrics are packed with his experience of pulling through the good and bad times throughout his journey. To him, music is more of a […]

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Dro Benji

Dro Benji Talks About the Struggle in “Around” ft T-Rell

“I been running around, right outta town to get my hustle on, I’m reaching out until my money long, gotta make my baby smile or I can’t go back home…” – quote from “Around” Dro Benji drops new track titled “Around” and he features T-Rell from Topeka, Kansas on this one. In “Around”, Dro Benji talks about the everyday struggle of young men who has to hustle for their needs and wants – either if it’s to help family or […]

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Tino Szn

Tino Szn Getting Ahead in the Game with “Take Flight”

“I got too many bands, I put 5 on a fit, jump in that rari, that h** got a kick…” – quote from “Take Flight” The newly released song “Take Flight” by Tino Szn is a phenomenal depiction of his incredible journey so far. It details how the young rapper sees himself. The hip hop rap of the track has a master flow that’s energetic and straight in your face. It’s his first mixtape this year and has been reviewed […]

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Carolina Waves

Carolina Waves “Black AF” Cypher ft Lena Jackson, 2FLY KNG, TAGEM, & Jooselord

“Black lives, baptized in a pool of fire with no new desires, change is coming, your truth expired…” – quote from “Black AF” “Black AF” is a deft work of art, a powerful statement from artists who know what it means to be oppressed as members of the black community. In this cypher, artists Lena Jackson, 2FLY KNG, TAGEM, and Jooselord rap powerfully about the injustice that comes with merely being black. The single is all about some talented North […]

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Ty Gutter

Ty Gutter Releases New Song Titled “NFOFP”

“I need it all, not a portion or some of it, these dirty bi*ches, they pu**y, they selling it, I need my money, my cheese, and my celery…” – quote from “NFOFP” The new song “NFOFP” (Never Fall Off For Pu**y) by Ty Gutter delivers a sensational message about how he likes to live his life. It’s a simple story told in extraordinary fashion. In this song, the popular rap hip/hop artist talks about pursuing whatever your greatness may be […]

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