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Making Money Wise and Lil Flip

Money Making Wize “Charm$” featuring Lil’Flip

“Got the bad bi*ch with the booty though, in the pool twerking to the video…” – quote from “Charm$” Miami artist Money Making Wize just dropped a new, high energetic track titled “Charm$” featuring the Legendary Lil’Flip. The song is coupled with a video that takes place at the Screwshop. Check out “Charm$” and leave your thoughts below. STREAM “CHARM$” ON YOUR FAVORITE PLATFORM FOLLOW MONEY MAKING WIZE: Instagram SoundCloud YouTube FOLLOW LIL FLIP: Instagram

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Focus the Truth

Focus the Truth Shows off his Lyrical Ability in “Immortal”

“No matter the struggle, you piece it together, regardless the puzzle…” – quote from “Immortal” “Immortal” is a song fresh off Focus the Truth’s new album, “Immortal”. The song merges the style of hip-hop with the raw bars of rap to give off this masterpiece. In this song, Focus the Truth shows off his lyrical ability as he tells his listeners he won’t be stopped nor derailed. One could say it’s the typical rapper bragging, but “Immortal” is more than […]

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David Daudin

David Daudin “C’est La Vie” ft Audrey West and Truly Def

“They keep taking shots at us, but none of it ever matters, because my drive is bullet proof and I won’t slow down for none of you…” – quote from “C’est La Vie” Orlando rap artist, David Daudin, has just dropped a hit banger in collaboration with two other hip hop artists – Audrey West and Truly Def. The song is titled “C’est La Vie” and is a complete expression of the artists’ personalities. “C’est La Vie” represents the very […]

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Louis Metric

Louis Metric Releases New Track “Dust”

“Shi* is poppin’ off like kettle, corn bi*ch I will not settle. You muthafu** must of not have got the memo…” – quote from “Dust” Los Angeles producer/rapper Louis Metric releases new track titled “Dust”. “Dust” is the final addition to his self produced, debut album “Faking The Experience”. Louis says “I believe that many of us feel or have felt like imposters at some point. I certainly didn’t feel like a producer when I made this album aimlessly banging […]

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Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya Unleashes His Latest Song “Le Cap”

“Pull up and eat the flesh, I need the flesh, reaky bi*ch, she told me she down for whatever…” – quote from “Le Cap” Zach Zoya has just released his latest song. Soon after the climax of his “Slurpee” music video, the multitalented artist has just dropped another hit song which he titled “Le Cap”. “Le Cap” is a dynamic song that features the emcees ability to effectively manage his flows and sounds all at once. It is also a […]

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Gen Bello

Gen Bello Speaks on a Relationship in “You Know”

“Don’t know how to treat a lady, no doesn’t mean just calling me baby…should’ve known that you wasn’t ready yet…” – quote from “You Know” Around 3 weeks ago, New York City songstress Gen Bello dropped her single “You Know”. This song talks about what a lot of people can relate to, not being satisfied or given what you need and want in your relationship. She expresses that she doesn’t listen to the “boys will be boys” line because it’s […]

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Roney Teams Up With Sick Ppl in New Track “Go There”

“Man, he come to my block it’s a dead end, they like Roney why you got so much dead friends, cause my end so scary, boy you don’t wanna go there…” – quote from “Go There” Canada‘s top-rated music talent, Roney, has just unleashed his musical gifting in a new song he titled “Go There”. The song was produced by the collaborative efforts of the artist, and another prolific music talent, Sick Ppl. “Go There” was shot and edited by […]

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Shy Billz

Shy Billz Releases Debut Single “Pull Up”

“We finna pull up, hop in my bag, I’m throwing my hood up, turn on the dash when them ni*** pull up, I’m making a mash…” – quote from “Pull Up” Rising Brooklyn artist Shy Billz recently released his first single titled “Pull Up”. Shy Billz started making rhymes at the tender age of 11 and hasn’t stopped since. He was heavily influenced by his family’s background in music. A family owned a studio is where Shy developed his versatile […]

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Amala Releases New Track “On Demand”

“Too official for you boo, rolling hard I can’t lose, big bank attitude…” – quote from “On Demand” Young, refreshing new talented rap artist out of Washington DC, Amala, has just released her latest track titled “On Demand”. In “On Demand”, Amala delivers hard bars and a catchy hook on top of heavy hitting 808s. Amala is on the fast track to the top of the music industry. “Mojo”, which is her first single, garnered over 145k streams. She is […]

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Debo Releases a New Vibe with “Why They Mad”

“I been chasing after riches, so I just been working, yeah I’m in my bag, I know I gotta go and spend it if I wanna make it back…” – quote from “Why They Mad” Milwaukee, Wisconsin music artist Debo just released his latest jam titled “Why They Mad”. In “Why they Mad”, Debo delivers rapid bars, giving his fans something to dance to. The bounce in the song would definitely be a great work out song as well. The […]

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