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Flawless Tha Don

Flawless Tha Don Magnifies His Comeback with “Trap Jumpin”

“Let’s make more trips, the more you cop the less you spend, man that make more sense…” – quote from “Trap Jumpin” Get Guap Entertainment emcee, Flawless Tha Don, has just released a hot banger which he titled “Trap Jumpin”. The song features the very climax of his musical prowess, and is currently gathering him love and streams from different music platforms. Produced by the ever popular Petrofsky Beats, “Trap Jumpin” is a limitless song with an overload of Tha […]

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Adam Snow

Adam Snow Collaborates with Tory Lanez in “AFTERPARTY FREESTYLE”

“Took a train to the falls, pulled up to the lodge, 88 on the Dodge, baby, fu** me in the lodge…” – quote from “AFTERPARTY FREESTYLE” Washington, D.C. DJ and producer, Adam Snow, collaborates with Tory Lanez on new song “AFTERPARTY FREESTYLE”. “AFTERPARTY FREESTYLE” is a single off of Snow’s upcoming project “AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT” and was made on a super late night after Tory came back from a club appearance. In 2015, Adam Snow released his debut […]

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LloydThe2nd Exceeds Expectations in “Do It Large”

“I know you want me to fail, you ni** want me to starve, I know you really wanna see me get boxed in, I’m ready to spark…” – quote from “Do It Large” Rising Maryland artist, LloydThe2nd, drops new song titled “Do It Large”. “Do It Large” is all about out doing you and exceeding all expectations. It’s the perfect blend of hip hop and trap over a hard hitting instrumentation. LloydThe2nd’s music is the definition of “product of your […]

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Thee Unemployed

Thee Unemployed Drops “All I Can” from Recent EP

“I do all I can for you, but you just don’t seem to care. It’s okay, I don’t mind, I just know now where I rank…” – quote from “All I Can” Austin, TX based rap duo Thee Unemployed just unveiled a track titled “All I Can” from the recent EP “Doors”. “All I Can” is a track laced over a guitar with a catchy hook and fiery bars delivered from both collaborators. Thee Unemployed, consisting of members OZ and […]

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Lizzy Waps

Lizzy Waps Intensifies Rhythm & Drill with “Thanos (One Snap)”

“Bae left me with the grub then kicked, next thing I know feds run-up in the yard slapped cuffs on my wrists…” – quote from “Thanos (One Snap)” Lizzy Waps has just introduced a whole new dimension to the UK music scene with her debut release “Thanos (One Snap)”. The song graces the music scene with exquisite sounds that are unique to the sexy United Kingdom-based artist. Its melodious beats also makes a perfect match for her deep-rooted rap lines, and velvet voice. […]

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Dro Era

Dro Era Releases New Video for “No Favors”

“Nothing was easy, nothing was handed, I had a blueprint, watch how I planned it…” – quote from “No Favors” Brooklyn hip hop artist Duo Era just released a visual for his latest single titled “No Favors”. In “No Favors” Dro Era speaks on his struggles throughout life and how people told him that he would never be successful. Through hard work and determination you can definitely have all that you dream of. The black and white visual was directed […]

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Coy Leray

Coi Leray Takes Forward Strides with Video “Do Better”

“Took a little bit of time, now we run it up, money so righteous, whole team got a bag, yeah, they so mad, ni**as don’t like us…” – quote from “Do Better” Not letting up on her fast rise on the success lane, Coi Leray’s song “Do Better” is a heat-raising release. In the song, Coi celebrates her own and her team’s come up. She sings about how it has taken some time but eventually, her tenacity has paid off. […]

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LKeys Makes Waves with Latest Single “Here”

“Even when you real, man they still gone hate, I be in the field with skrill all day, doing what it takes, trying to ball all year, crazy how I started at the bottom, now I’m paid…” – quote from “Here” “Here” by up and coming Aurora, Colorado artist LKeys is an introspective hip-hop/rap song that has a passionately delivered narrative. Reminiscing about his humble beginnings, LKeys celebrates his gradual rise using a combination of good vocals and tuneful melodies. […]

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Dyamond Doll and Tory Lanez

Dyamond Doll features Tory Lanez in “Automatic”

“You were my dog, you were my girl, you were my main bi*ch. This shi* is crazy lil’ baby, how did it change this quick…” – quote from “Automatic” The song, ‘“Automatic” is a soul-cutting track that describes the abrupt end to a thriving love relationship. It described the typical scenario where all is well and good, everything’s falling in place like it’s automatic, until just in like manner, everything falls out of place. The beginning is a combination of […]

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Alex Mali

Alex Mali Takes R&B a Notch Higher with “Control”

“I can’t control my mind, Ginger and Rum combine. Tell the DJ I want to feel it, turn the speakers up let me feel it…” – quote from “Control” “Control” is Alex Mali’s follow-up to her acclaimed EP, “Sweet and Sour”. The song is a delightful combination of dancehall vibes and crossover hip-hop. With this song, Alex Mali leaves her listeners with no other option than to get to the dance floor and boogie down, thanks to the trance-like flow […]

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