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Focus The Truth

Focus The Truth “We All In” ft Styles P

“Got a chip on my shoulder there’s something to prove, let my nuts hang like it’s nothing to lose, made my own path now I’m stuck in these shoes…” – quote from “We All In” Talented New York artist and lyricist Focus The Truth is focusing on hard work and cooperation in his new track “We All In”. Focus features legendary artist Styles P on this one and he delivers top notch lyrics and rhymes in the track that’s all […]

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Snubbs Drops New Video for “Stepdad”

“She hit me in my DM saying Snubbs I’m feeling lonely. I thought it was a prank until she really pulled up on me…” – quote from “Stepdad” New York City artist Snubbs is painting a pretty interesting picture with his new track “Stepdad” and it’s about becoming a stepdad to his ex-girlfriends. The young artist unapologetically informs his ex that her mother is up on his case because of his track record. In a vibrant, upbeat track, Snubbs uses […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don “50 Keys Large” ft Rich The Factor

“We never losing, money, we still getting to it. In the jects cooking work I’m stanking up the unit…” – quote from “50 Keys Large” Kansas City, Kansas native Dewey Da Don of Urban Republic sets a vibe of his own with his new visual “50 Keys Large” featuring Rich The Factor. Da Don reps the streets as always in this one as he tells a story of his regular grind that brings in the big bucks while showing off […]

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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Tells a Tale of the Nightlife in “Backseat Driving”

“You should stay at home if you ain’t trynna spend nothing, splash out we go, stacks be flying, heading home again, backseat driving…” – quote from “Backseat Driving” Talented South London artist Benjamin A.D is out of the studio with a track that showcases the night life, transit and fun times that all happen in the back of a car. “Backseat Driving” paints a picture of the journey we undertake at different times as well as the beauty in the […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don “Lay Low” ft Roblo DaStar

“The money train had the pack and I was on the plane. With 20 thou I bounce out I’m f*** up the game…” – quote from “Lay Low” Kansas City artist Dewey Da Don has teamed up with Roblo DaStar to create a gangster jam and they call this one “Lay Low”. Keeping the streets hot and everyone on their feet, Dewey is up on his rap game again as he spits lyrics about pulling in the big bucks, riding […]

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Nashawn Raines

Nashawn Raines is Back with “Rain on Me”

“Kiss on yo’ stomach while I’ll make you watch, I’ll go down low and turn it up a notch. You’re all that I need and I know what you want, that’s why I give my all, I give you all I got…” – quote from “Rain on Me” Chicago based artist Nashawn Raines has released a romantic R&B track for the lovers and he calls this one “Rain on Me”. The artist, who has been on a roll of releasing […]

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Mike G

Mike G Releases New Visual “This One”

“Said I might be too cool with this one. I know what to do with this one, getting in my groove with this one, a new attitude for this one…” – quote from ”This One” Mike G is keeping it cool in his newly released visual “This One” from his very unique “EXILE EP”. The Los Angeles artist raps about setting the rules and showing them how it’s done. The visuals for “This One” can best be described as calm […]

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Lvl One Hero

Lvl One Hero Releases Video “Friend Zone”

“My wrist drip drop, that’s a new time piece. Don’t do flip flops. These some new Nikes, all my kicks hot…” – quote from “Friend Zone” Lvl One Hero is taking a jab at people stuck in the friend zone with his latest track he titles “Friend Zone”. Toronto based Jamaican singer, rapper and songwriter Lvl One Hero is out to taunt some guys who cannot seem to get the ladies they want but instead get relegated to the “Friend […]

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Kobe Red

Kobe Red ft 100K Ree in New Track “Talk My Shit”

“Gettin’ money for real, don’t need a deal. Stay independent, bi*** you know the drill…” – quote from “Talk My Shit” Kobe Red is out of the studio with a new track and he raps about living in extravagance after working so hard to climb up the ladder; he calls this one “Talk My Shit”. The talented rapper and songwriter is all about the struggles he faced a while back, placing it side by side with the success he has […]

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F$O Dinero

F$O Dinero Releases Album & Visuals For “Panty Droppa”

“I’m a young ni*** that jumped in the game, but do everything like a vet. I make ya bi*** give me neck, you make me upset, I’ll aim at ya head…” – quote from “Panty Droppa” F$O Dinero has released his highly expected and anticipated debut album “Color Money” alongside visuals for his “Panty Droppa” track. The young talented Florida based Slip N Slide Records artist is literally on fire and we cannot help but get caught up in his […]

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