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Lil Savvy

Lil Savvy Overcomes Tough Battles

Article by: Quality Impact PR/Writers Lil Savvy real name is Kalen Hawkins. He is a Gospel hip hop Artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He started creating hip hop content recently in 2020, when he gave his life back to Christ. Lil Savvy Has a very spiritual background and plans on pushing his career to inspire people that were lost just like him. He had a lot of adversity in his life just like a lot of people do. He was diagnosed […]

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K.I.N.G. The MC

K.I.N.G. the MC Releases “Die Lost” from Latest Album

“These streets is gruesome, I ain’t wanna be the one that introduce ‘em. It ain’t easy, ain’t no freebies, see that fast money, quick to jump to conclusions…” – quote from “Die Lost” Nashville, TN artist K.I.N.G. the MC just dropped a new song titled “Die Lost” from his latest album “The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.” In this track, he gives his fans insight into how life is in his city. He delivers an aggressive flow with words that […]

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Korri Palmer

Korri Launches New Podcast “Rags to…”

Korri Palmer, Kleo, is an upcoming poet, social media marketer, and podcaster from Atlanta, GA but her family is rooted in Kansas City, KS. Her new podcast “Rags to…” covers topics about dating, politics, and the issues she faces trying to come into adulthood after graduation. Along with this work, she is working on publishing her first poetry book in 2021. STREAM PODCAST: Anchorhttps://anchor.fm/korri-palmer Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/show/21xORwWdDKjasxZofMTTpY Find via manual search on Apple Podcast  and Google Podcast FOLLOW KORRI: Instagram@flowerkhild @_ragstopodcast

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Travis Scott

Travis Scott Collabs with Fortnite for Livestream Concert

Photo Credit: The Come Up Show Recently Travis Scott collaborated with one of the gaming industry’s biggest BR games to release a character skin. After the huge success from the launch of the Fortnite skin the two will collab once again for a livestream concert event. Fortnite held a similar event in the past like this with DJ Marshmello which was a huge success. The event is for the debut of Travis’s new single “Astronomical”. The event will reward it’s […]

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Jordan Baumstark

Jordan Baumstark Drops Visual for “Too Long”

“I ain’t never comin’ back, I’m gone, been waiting on the shi* too long…” – quote from “Too Long” Jordan Baumstark recently dropped “Too Long”. In this nice track, Jordan focuses more on the delivery of his lyrics and the meaning of the song. The calm demeanor is balanced out with an interesting beat. The song is about how Jordan has come a long way and the effort it took – too much to go back to square one. Video shot […]

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YSB Tril

YSB Tril Drops New Single “Do The Most”

“Say I changed changed, but I been on that same thang…they hit my phone like rang rang, I ain’t picking up if it ain’t bout the green…” – quote from “Do The Most” Just a few days ago YSB Tril released a single “Do The Most”. Tril’s flow along with the instrumental gives this song an upbeat feel. On the other hand, when the chorus comes around the song calms and slows down. The cover photo for this single is green […]

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T-Rose Nell-Beaman

T. Rose & Nell Beamen Releases “LeBron James”

“Dressed in designer cotton, b**ch I’m saucy like tarter…” – quote from “LeBron James” Nell Beamen and T. Rose dropped a single called “LeBron James” off the upcoming “3rd Quarter” project. This track comes with nice lyrics from both artists and a sick visual.https://youtu.be/MDKca_Z9JHg The music video has a lot of trippy edits that make it very enjoyable to watch and keeps you just as interested as the song does. When T. Rose hops on the beat, that holds various elements, […]

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NAIIM Drops New Single “Lockdown”

“Oh, shi* I did it again…I be locked down, 30 milli in hands…” – quote from “Lockdown” Just 5 days ago a smooth single was dropped by Canadian artist NAIIM called “Lockdown”. NAIIM used the calm beat and his unique vocals to create a nice song for the ears. The cover photo is simply a mirror picture of NAIIM with a peachy background taking a selfie. NAIIM delivers unapologetic versatility and strives to create melodies that allow his fans to embed their […]

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Big Narstie

Big Narstie and Still Greedy Link Up on “Smooth Criminal”

“There are no breaks, there are no days off. We do this all in intervals…” – quote from “Smooth Criminal” Big Narstie just released a single featuring Still Greedy called “Smooth Criminal”, which was inspired by Michael Jackson. https://youtu.be/9VRG9qQVnO8 Narstie is calm, as he delivers smooth lyrics and Still Greedy comes through with a catchy chorus. The music video is animated and shows both of the artists in a high speed chase with the police. Big Narstie flosses in an […]

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Dyamond Doll and Trina

Dyamond Doll Drops Single “DWADE” with Trina

“Going live on the Gram, tearing up the mall, DWade, imma show these h** how to ball…” – quote from “DWADE” Get ready to be blown away by this astounding track “DWADE” from Dyamond Doll and Trina. Dyamond Doll is best described as a rap goddess. She is an energetic hip hop artist whose resilience paved way for her in Miami City. Her enthusiasm has been the inspiration behind all her efforts towards her musical career until she crossed paths […]

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