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Unhinged Clothing

Unhinged Clothing Unveils New Punk Collection

UNHINGED CLOTHING WEBSITE If you’ve been looking for a cool clothing brand to help you unleash your street credibility, then Unhinged Clothing has just come to your rescue. They are launching their latest line of Punk Collection on the 19th of June, 2020. The collection features street clothing for men and women influenced by the 21st century’s punk trends. You are also going to find clothing designs that are unique to women – something Unhinged Clothing has not done before. […]

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FTF Double A

FTF Double A Drops a Hot Hit Single “Better Me”

“Talk to God, get down on my knees, I know shi* ain’t guaranteed, but I’m just tryna to be a better me…” – quote from “Better Me” FTF Double A has just dropped a hot single he titled “Better Me”. He explains that the song is dedicated to his growth and maturity as a man. He specifically attributes the song’s inspiration to come from his new fatherly role and everything it would require of him to be there for his […]

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Still Greedy

Still Greedy Unleashes New Track “Hungry Belly”

“I been in the hood, been broke a long time, till I jumped up off the plane and went and got mine…” – quote from “Hungry Belly” Despite being a new talent at Dice Recordings, UK artist Still Greedy has not taken his determination for success for granted one bit. Within a space of two months, he has dropped four hit songs through the label. This is only a sheer indicator of his hunger for the top. Still Greedy is […]

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Ked Colorado

Ked Colorado “Blessings” ft Flawless Money

“It’s a blessing, I let that go, I was tired of stressing. This my confession, never again will I trust anyone without pushing and testing…” – quote from “Blessings” Ked Colorado story-telling lyrics come from within. When you come from a certain lifestyle, there are those with opinions. Luckily, having music in his life shows there are other outlets. His latest hit “Slide” proves that he is not done, but on the rise. https://youtu.be/Ae-v9pDosVk In “Blessings”, Ked collaborates with Flawless […]

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Thee Unemployed

Thee Unemployed Drops New Hot Track “Window Down”

“Cruise around town looking so fly, know my way around like the Uber guy…” – quote from “Window Down” Austin, Texas-based duo Thee Unemployed is dishing out fantastic insights on what makes good for a summer blues. The talented duo is known for their masterful blend of classics and contemporary sound, and they don’t disappoint in “Window Down”. They have a fantastic way of mixing and mastering complicated lyricism with the fusion of old school hip hop that goes against […]

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Erik Frank

Erik Frank Show His Versatility in “Anxiety”

“Think twice before saying it, cause your brain might not agree, why you think about other people, old friends, why you never put yourself on first…” – quote from “Anxiety” Uniquely talented singer and songwriter Erik Frank just released a new song called “Anxiety”. In this upbeat single, he displays his versatility by delivering low and high pitched vocals. This is one hit that will be sure to have you up on your feet dancing. When describing the song Erik […]

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Tino Szn

Tino Szn Goes Wild in New Track “Bang!”

“I been in a drought, so I’m waiting for a come up…” – quote from “Bang!” The young artist, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, never fails in his master flow hip hop renditions. This time, he collaborates with the Internet Money producer “Holy” to make the music track “Bang!”. “Bang!” is an ambient flow of sorts of muses, thoughts, and inspirations running through the rapper’s mind. “Bang!”, in reality, is a complex mix of everything with dynamic and controversial […]

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Ms.Erikka Drops new Song “Shots Fired”

“So unapologetic, yeah I said, don’t regret it…” Kansas City, Missouri artist Ms.Erikka is dishing out the “rules of the game” to all the fakies around her. Best known for her hardcore explicit lyrics, Ms.Erikka, doesn’t sweat it as she goes hard and wide in her latest track. The talented artist, who calls her style of music “unapologetic” has been singing for as long as she could remember. Her fiery blend of soul and R&B never fails to hit the […]

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Jevon Talks about Injustice in “Can’t Breathe”

“What’re you doing writing checks, why you selling cigarettes, why you trying to resist, hands up, hands up…” – quote from “Can’t Breathe” The Los Angeles based emcee and producer Jevon is known for his witty lyrics and his love for southern trap influence goes back in time to show the widespread unfair treatments of the lives of blacks, which is as long as American’s history. https://youtu.be/aJssxJbgBTY “Can’t Breathe” is a tribute to the murder of George Floyd at the […]

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Zenas Shares His Sentiments in “Breathe” ft TaiMarie

“This ain’t the time to be silent, not while our people are dying, show us how to do away with the violence…” – quote from “Breathe” Again, Zenas has dropped yet another song “Breathe” in collaboration with the mega-talented TaiMarie. “Breathe” is an energetic mix of Afro beats and R&B where he shares his sentiments on the racial dilemma and civil unrest that America again finds itself engulfed in. It definitely sends a message of awe to every ear that […]

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