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Kid Travis

Kid Travis Releases Love Song “Strawberry Skies”

“We’re gone with the wind, hair in your face, put my hands on your waist, strawberry skies, all on your lips…” – quote from “Strawberry Skies” Talented Philadelphia singer, songwriter, and producer Kid Travis has released a new romantic song called “Strawberry Skies”. With strong melodic vocals, Kid Travis describes how happy his girl makes him feel while he’s with and without her. When she’s by his side, it feels like they’re gone with the wind. He’s so addicted to […]

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Cheflodeezy Unleashes His Newest Track “Ass Up”

“FaceTime she nuh suck hood, but she face mine, she a boom off mi step, she nuh waste time…” – quote from “Ass Up” This year, Cheflodeezy has shown that he is totally in for a game of regular music releases. All his releases, including his mixtape “Kitchen Talk” that was hosted by DJ Chill, have not failed to receive warm acceptance by his fans and followers. “Ass Up” is the rapper’s release for a summer anthem and is detailed […]

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Frais Drops Newest Single “Come Round Me” ft Germ

“Ridin’ round toting that laser, ten toes down on that paper, fu*k bout a hater…” – quote from “Come Round Me” Frais has just dropped his newest single “Come Round Me” in collaboration with Germ. The song was co-produced by G59, Cinematic Music Group and Set Records. Just recently, the official video premiered on Cinematic TV to the amazement of all Frais’s fans and followers. “Come Round Me” absorbs all that Frais is and combines sounds that are beyond what […]

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Zenas Releases New Song “Where We Gon’ Go”

“Gettin’ to the money we collecting, 20 different cities, what’s the next one…” – quote from “Where We Gon’ Go” Zenas is at it again! He has just dropped a super dope new track he titled “Where We Gon’ Go”. It is the second track from his soon-to-drop EP. Well, we’ve been indoors all this while and bored out, where we gon go? Right in the face of the pandemic, Zenas knows this is the leading phrase on the lips […]

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Picture of MOPHEAD TBC

MOPHEAD TBC Unleashes New Track “Get To It”

“They say that they sliding out, they say that they riding out, gone see what we sliding bout…” – quote from “Get To It” MOPHEAD TBC has released a well-crafted song he titled “Get To It”. The song was crafted by Kimu, a renowned engineer in Brooklyn. Kimu is known to work hand-in-hand with SurfGang and singers like POLO PERKS <3 <3 <3. His collaboration with MOPHEAD TBC has excellently created a special track which is way different from his […]

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Anine Drops His Latest Hit Song “Rosetta Stone”

“Bring back my history, like Rosetta Stone, but they ain’t really got you like I got you though…” – quote from “Rosetta Stone” After painting the City red with his debut “Plug Talk” album, Anine is set to storm the music stage again with his latest song “Rosetta Stone”. Anine is a British Nepalese rapper with origins from Southern England. He pens his own songs and is also a highly talented emcee, rapping severally in most of his songs. His previous releases such as […]

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Erica Banks

Erica Banks Showcases her Tantalizing Buzz in “Buss It”

“Real slim waist wit a body on me, got damn I’m poppin I’m hot. Real thick bands in a mf pants, he was staring from a stance, so I took em to the spot…” – quote from “Buss It” The smooth-tongued artist, known for her flawless and natural beauty, never fails to dish out her energetic vibes in her music. “Buss It” is no different, as she goes on stage to expand upon Nelly’s 2002 hot single “Hot in Here” […]

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L.I Freeze

L.I Freeze Raps About Love Life in “My Only”

“Girl you’re not my only, I smile every time you phone me, can’t let this lifestyle take you from me…” – quote from “My Only” Canadian artist, L.I Freeze is dishing out his heartbreaking confusions in his hot new single “My Only”. Known for his versatile sound and freestyle lyrics, the talented artist again showcases his energetic vibe and knack for deeply enriching words in this new song. “My Only” is about trying to keep his relationship with the one […]

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Kid Travis

Kid Travis Releases Melodic Track “I Want My Hoodie Back”

“One day, I think I’ll forget your name. It’s been years now, she’s got nothing to say. I’m upside down, in my head your still around…” – quote from “I Want My Hoodie Back” Philadelphian born artist Kid Travis is dishing out his brand of heartbreaking romance in his new track “I Want My Hoodie Back”. The talented young singer is known for his versatile style. He never stops at nothing but goes right in bold and unapologetic as he tries a new […]

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Ktlyn Drops “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”

“Gotta a lil bark, but he got no bite, jeans too tight…” – quote from “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle” Ktlyn dishes her own adventures as a blonde in new song “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”. The San Diego rapper is known for her sensational flow and masterful lyricism. Although it isn’t the first time we have heard songs about blondes having more fun, there’s no doubt Ktlyn is different. “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle” is her tribute to blondes […]

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