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Rockstar Games

Video Game Community Shows Respect for George Floyd

Photo Credit: BagoGames In unity, the video game community is showing respect for George Floyd and issues in the black community by pausing online gaming. Rockstar Games, 2K Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive shut down servers yesterday for NBA 2K20, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, which was the same time that George Floyd’s memorial service took place in Minneapolis. Fortnite also announced a delay in the end-of-season event due to the […]

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Lando Drops Hit Song “Intro-Vert”

“I be so fly when I’m in a airport, I’m gone hop on a plane and they gone let me fly it…” – quote from “Intro-Vert” If you’re out to hear an emcee whose voice and flow are as original and unique as you’ve never seen, then Lando is your man. Lando is a Cape Girardeau, Missouri native whose rap talents are extraordinary. He is exceedingly talented such that irrespective of the beat, he knows how to rap along the […]

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Willis Delivers Lead Single “Down Bad”

“Down bad when you lose it all, dark cloud when it’s you involved…” Riverside, California-based hip hop artist Willis drops a lead single off of a potential project in the works. In the song, Willis delivers fast paced lyrics and speaks of a woman going back and forth between him and another guy. She leads them both on, telling fibs, but loses in the end, as Willis has other priorities and is out doing his own thing. Willis was born […]

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Theo Blue

Theo Blue Throws Light on Societal Crisis in “The Same”

“I take my pain and shove it inside my fears, I know you can’t understand why I have tears…” – quote from “The Same” Theo Blue is a Los Angeles artist who is known for his consistent vocal and lyrical contact with the emotional impact of the circumstances around him. Theo began making music early in life and has been doing so for more than a decade. He was a renowned member of TheKnuBlack right before he decided that going […]

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G.L.A.M Unleashes Her Latest Song “UhUh Yeah”

“You don’t even know me, but you’re vocal, thanks for the promo…” – quote from “UhUh Yeah” Good Lyrics And Music (G.L.A.M), is an Oakland native whose musical talents cut across several genres in a unique manner. She’s an emcee with the kind of distinctness that surpasses the ordinary. Having been exposed to the music game all her life, G.L.A.M officially ventured into her music career in grad school. And ever since then, she’s been pumping unwavering waves of energetic […]

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Big Narstie

Big Narstie Collaborates with RA to Release “Nik Nak”

“Five jumping out at a time so I’m double tapping that…” – quote from “Nik Nak” Both Big Narstie and RA are Brixton artists who are currently making their marks in the entertainment industry. “Nik Nak” is a melodious embodiment of nostalgia that rocks the streets like nothing else has ever done before. The song is a gracious combo of lyrics and visuals that reminds one of the good old Channel U era, and the obvious progress the two singers […]

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City Morgue

City Morgue Unleashes Track “ACAB” ft Nascar Aloe

“Talkin’ way too stupid out yo’ mouth, yo’ show get canceled…” – quote from “ACAB” New York artist City Morgue has recently unleashed his rap and punk energy in a most recent song release “ACAB” where he featured Nascar Aloe. The song is an excellent emphasis on City Morgue’s “As Good As Dead Deluxe”, and its video showcases the duo’s aggressive love for rock vibes. In the video of “ACAB”, both City Morgue and Nascar Aloe are seen showing off […]

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Black Lives Matter

How to Support Black Lives Matter Movement

Photo Credit: Leonhard Lenz Thousands of people have joined together around the globe to protest the death of George Floyd. George died on Memorial Day in Minneapolis after police officer Derek Chauvin lodged his knee in George’s neck for nearly nine minutes. There are a number of ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement and support the fight against racial inequality. Black Lives Matter is the national movement that builds power to bring justice to Black people around the […]

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N.W.A “Weapon of Protest” Against the Struggle

Photo Credit: Thehealthyprimate At a point in time when Compton, California grappled with police brutality and other social problems Ice Cube says N.W.A. served as a “weapon of protest” against the struggle their neighborhoods encountered. He revealed that the neighborhood influenced N.W.A. and N.W.A. influenced the neighborhood as well. https://youtu.be/ADdpLv3RDhA “It was really our only weapon of protest against what we saw,” Ice Cube said. “What was happening to our neighborhood. Coming in in the era of gangbanging and crack […]

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Adrian Marcel

Adrian Marcel Wows Music Industry with “NOWHERE”

“Let me be the one to change your life, give me your hand well go wherever you like…” – quote from “NOWHERE” The creative Oakland, California artist, Adrian Marcel, has proven his prowess in his latest debut episode track “NOWHERE”. In the song, the up and coming artist tells his story of lessons learned, love and loss. The official video of the song makes it a track you don’t want to miss. From the elaborate deep story, to the visual […]

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