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Arteist Drops New Dancehall Song “Party Shots”

Whether you like reggae rhythms or an irresistible hook, the new dancehall song “Party Shots” by Jamaican artist Arteist is the perfect track for any party. In the song, Arteist combines Jamaican sounds and hip hop to give fans the flavor they have been waiting to hear. Check out “Party Shots” and leave a comment below. STREAM WE DID IT AGAIN BY ARTEIST FOLLOW ARTEIST: Spotify Deezer Apple Music

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SosMula Drops a Hit Single “V12”

“Hoppin’ out the Beamie, I’ma hit ’em with the chop saw, all you see is pale horses, guns like the Air Force’s…” – quote from “V12” SosMula, in collaboration with Hikari-Ultra/Republic Records duo City Morgue, has dropped a video for his hit track titled “V12”. The song is a follow up after the label released “ACAB” featuring Nascar Aloe. “The Fall Before the Give Up” was also released a week before “V12”, but has record more than 250,000 views on […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don “No Reason” ft Fly Dantoni

“I slide through, big body, know ya see a lil’ ni**. Been getting money, gotta eat my n**, say you need a plug, what it be my n***…” – quote from “No Reason” Offering the perfect vibes for a windows-down cruise through the town, Dewey Da Don’s newest release “No Reason” featuring Fly Dantoni is definitely a tune you’ll quickly add to your playlist. The song, which is one of the tracks off of his album “Slime Dotte Bounty”, features […]

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Rezzy Rez

Rezzy Rez Speaks Up in His Latest Song “Make It Out”

“Step in that field boy you betta have on the right gear, sleeping on me, all I need is a year…” – quote from “Make It Out” In his most recent release, “Make It Out”, Rezzy Rez speaks uniquely about his experiences on different levels in life, and this he does with easy flowing rap sessions. The video features him and his gang chilling and releasing some steam. https://youtu.be/XuDhc3Pmdoc Rezzy’s easy flow with his lyrical consistency makes the “Make It […]

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50 Cent

50 Cent Releases “Power” Hand Sanitizer

Photo Credit: digboston 50 Cent just announced the release of his own “Power” hand sanitizer. It’s an unscented moisturizing hand sanitizer that will kill 99.9% germs and contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that leaves the hands feeling silky. Check out his website to purchase a 4-pack or a case of 24. He’s selling face masks and quarantine packs as well. In light of the pandemic that the world is facing now, the launch comes at a time when sanitation […]

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2 Times

2 Times Hits the Airwaves with “Ain’t Livin Right”

“Like Popeye fu*ked up my order, I’m gettin’ his chicken right…” – quote from “Ain’t Livin Right” The list of young, notable music talents in Kansas City would not be complete if 2 Times is not included in it. The young rapper is super-talented and knows how to take rap to a whole new level. Through the influence of his cousin, Kings Keys, 2 Times began expressing his passion for rap at quite a tender age. He further dedicated extra […]

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Mike G

Mike G “Overdrive” ft Gamo & Ash Riser

“Make more of yourself than you can make money, I’m qbert on the block, I stay jumpin’, that’s bass like when 808s come in…” – quote from “Overdrive” Mike G was born and raised in Los Angeles to parents who once served in the marines. As a result of their occupation, the artist was moved about pretty much while growing up. During his teenage years, he began to test several musical grounds before he finally recorded his first single at […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don “Picture Me Sliding” ft J-Diggs

“They ain’t think that I would slide for ya, ride for ya, save my ni**a, I’ll die for ya…” – quote from “Picture Me Sliding” People take the music path for different reasons. While some pursue a music career for the dough and the fame, others chase music as their passion and a means to change their world. Well, Dewey Da Don happens to fall in the category of artist who rap because they love it and want to communicate […]

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StillJune Drops Single “We In Ours” ft Corey Jones

“Time with you is better spent, siting back with you, absorbing your intelligence…” – quote from “We In Ours” Maryland artist StillJune just recently dropped a hot track titled “We In Ours” featuring Corey Jones. “We In Ours” was produced by Komo Beats and is one out of 11 features from his latest album “Conflicts of Life”. In the song, StillJune spits lyrics about the perfect woman who is a combination of a partner and friend while Corey Jones accompanies […]

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Zenas Drops a Soulful Track “Into You”

“Obvious that I’m feelin’ you, it’s been a while what we finna do, if you couldn’t tell, girl I’m into you…” – quote from “Into You” Zenas is an up-and-coming Denver artist who resides in Dallas, Texas. Zenas’s move into Texas was prompted by his desire to further his music career in college. Not very long after he relocated to Texas, fate joined him with Jon-John Robinson, a prominent music producer of Texas origin. The Denver artist’s meeting with Jon-John […]

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