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Stevie Newby

$tevie Newby Releases New Song “Calendar”

“She don’t give a f*** if it’s a Uber or a taxi, she gone come and bust for a youngin, get nasty…” – quote from “Calendar” $tevie Newby is a boiling pot of many talents! From making beats, to studio engineering, song writing, great vocal performance and lyrical dexterity, he has everything it takes to take the music industry by storm. On this new song “Calendar”, $tevie Newby once again proves that he is the next big thing in the […]

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Mass of Man

Mass of Man “Fallen Angel” ft Mack Harrison

“Hi depression, how you been? It’s been a long time, we meet again. I’ve been good, the f*** you been up to though? Lately you look like you’re unstoppable…” – quote from “Fallen Angel” Fast-rising musical act Mass of Man is best-known for his physique and for being vocal on societal issues, using his music as a tool of public appeal. Towering as high as seven feet and weighing five hundred and fifty pounds, Mass of Man has crafted his […]

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Fosho Releases New Single “HUNDRED MORE”

“Hundred more licks and it don’t even matter. I need my baby to spend all this cheddar. Pocket full with rocket rocking ‘em to sleep. Pocket full of bands I pop ‘em on her cheek…” – quote from “HUNDRED MORE” California artist and producer Fosho releases new single “HUNDRED MORE”. Check it out and leave a comment below. FOLLOW FOSHO: Instagram Twitter Facebook SoundCloud

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Shaun John

Shaun John “Planes & XO” ft Landes Plane

“I always wonder why they hating, probably cause they never made it. Sleeping on me they sedated, face it I can be your motivation…” – quote from “Planes & XO” Kansas City artist Shaun John is out with a new single “Planes & XO” featuring Landes. This one is both a celebration of his victories and a message to his women. “Planes & XO” comes months after Shaun released his successful EP “Blue Face” and is a hot new track […]

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Proper Einstein

Proper Einstein Delivers “Different Wave”

“I be feeling great on a different wave, if you ever see me don’t forget to wave. Don’t do what I used to on a different page, I just peep it out then I separate…” – “Different Wave” Groundbreaking singer, songwriter and producer Proper Einstein is opening up the New Year with a new track entitled “Different Wave”. The renowned indie artist who has been swimming in accolades ever since he appeared on the music scene with his debut single […]

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Nathan Howard HOPELESS

Nathan Howard Releases “HOPELESS”

“No one told me I could do better, no one told me to just forget her, no one told me it’s just whatever…” -quote from “HOPELESS” Young talented Alabama artist Nathan Howard has delivered a breakup tune that is just as melodious as it is heartbreaking. The artist who is very talented at creating rap songs focusing on heartbreaks and emotional themes is back with this one full of reminiscing and regrets. Hopeless is a song of regret over a […]

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King Mane

King Mane Releases “In Real Life Tho”

“I’m just a high class trapper, came up from the trenches. She said boy you drip that sauce in real life tho…” – quote from “In Real Life Tho” Get Money Boyz official artist King Mane has released a new club banger entitled “In Real Life Tho”. The talented Salina, Kansas hip hop music artist put together a whole lot of hype in this track, which is an absolute must listen. Rapping about hustling without sleep over the years, and […]

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Marcus Levonne

Marcus Levonne Drops First Official Single “Rose Gold”

“Hop in the coupe, take down the roof, yeah yeah…say you wanna rock with Gucci, say you wanna rock that Louie, we gone get this money…” – quote from “Rose Gold” New hip hop talent Marcus Levonne has released his creative debut single “Rose Gold”. The California based artist put together the catchy track alongside visuals as he sings about love and success. “Rose Gold” is Levonne’s first appearance on the music scene and it shows quite the talent and […]

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Tain Releases “Realistic” Ft Jake Wil

“She said she want a real one to hit her from the back. I have her feenin’, like she tried to hit my trap phone…” – quote from “Realistic” Fast-rising musical act Tain has released the video of his hit single “Realistic” featuring Jake Wil. The stunning new track and its visuals talk about how being real and true to yourself can get you far, while living a fake life will always land you in a mess. Tain, in his […]

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City the Mask

City the Mask Releases “Cartier Harden”

“Hit a lick, let the guns speak in tongues. Shooter hot boy, I’m Nick Cannon with the drums…” – quote from “Cartier Harden” Fast growing Florida artist City the Mask showcases his lyrical and creative talent again in his track and visuals “Cartier Harden”. The lyricist, rapper and director has put together an upbeat music video in which he showcases not only his lyrical ability, but his smooth and energetic delivery. “Cartier Harden” is a total package of top notch […]

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