Atwaters Features Dynasty on “Free at Last”


“I got the blood of a slave, I got the heart of a king…”

– quote from “Free at Last” 

Imagine the joy of a captive who regains freedom after many years in captivity and fear. This is the exact kind of joy Atwaters brings on this new melodious track he titles “Free at Last,” featuring Dynasty. 

This track talks about the adversities of living with black skin. It takes a little swipe at the days of slavery and returns to talk about today’s challenges and the joy of gaining freedom. 

In her verse, Dynasty raps about the beauty of her brown skin and advises black women to keep their heads up and remember where they come from while walking toward their destination.

The video, shot in different black neighborhoods, celebrates the beauty of black people. It also pays homage to great men and women of black origin like Edris Elba, Dona Croll, Angela Wynter, etc.






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