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Asianae’s “Mini Me’s 2” – The Next Level of Atlanta’s Hip Hop Scene


Atlanta’s newest sensation, Asianae, is set to make waves with her latest track, “Mini Me’s 2.” With her distinctive combination of sensual sophistication and obvious talent, Asianae, signed to Breakem Off Records, is revolutionizing the music business. Her sound is deeply rooted in the R&B and hip-hop influences of the ’90s, thanks to her upbringing as the daughter of a production company owner in Atlanta’s south side.

“Mini Me’s 2” showcases Asianae’s effortless ability to switch between singing and rapping, displaying her remarkable versatility as an artist. The track is a testament to her dedication to keeping Atlanta at the forefront of the hip-hop scene, building upon the city’s rich musical legacy.

Asianae’s work ethic and fun-loving personality have garnered her a dedicated fan base known as the Mermaid Gang. With her infectious confidence and humility, Asianae is poised to significantly impact the music world.

The release of “Mini Me’s 2” follows her successful debut single “DUMB” and an anticipated collaboration with 1Play. With her authentic talent and limitless potential, the sky is no longer the limit for Asianae. Watch for this rising star as she defies expectations and redefines the hip-hop landscape.



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