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Alesia Lani: The Soulful Voice of Austin Elevates with “Better”

Alesia Lani

From the vibrant streets of Austin, Texas, emerges a voice that intertwines the soul of R&B with the heart of a poet – Alesia Lani. Born with a natural flair for words, Lani has evolved from a young poet into an R&B sensation, captivating audiences with her rich, soulful melodies and authentic lyrical narratives. Her journey from performing in talent shows to becoming a professional singer is a tale of relentless passion and dedication.

Alesia Lani’s 2020 mixtape “With Love,” along with her singles “What You Know About It” and “IDFWU,” marked her as a force to be reckoned with in the R&B scene. Her latest offering, “Better,” is a testament to her growth as an artist, showcasing her ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with infectious rhythms.

Lani’s work ethic is as robust as her vocal prowess, and she is known for delivering electrifying performances that resonate with primetime energy. Her presence has been felt at major festivals like SXSW, Toronto’s Indie Week Fest, Austin City Limits, and Jai Thep, earning her high praise from NPR, KUTX, and the Austin Chronicle.

Lani’s star continues to rise with two Austin Hip-Hop Awards for “Best R&B Artist” under her belt and recognition as one of the top ten “Best Female Vocalists” at the Austin Music Awards. “Better” is not just a song; it reflects Alesia Lani’s journey – raw, real, and resonant. Her music doesn’t just reach the ears; it touches the soul, embodying a spirit of authenticity and vulnerability. As she propels forward in her career, Alesia Lani isn’t just making music; she’s crafting a legacy, one soulful note at a time.



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