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Millyz “Heightened Senses” ft Jim Jones

“Covid in my lungs, that shi* affecting my breathing, think this post-traumatic stress been affecting my sleeping…” – quote from “Heightened Senses” Massachusetts-based hardcore rapper Millyz has released the official video of his now-viral single “Heightened Senses”. This track features Jim Jones, was produced by Ray Beatz, and is off his new album “Blanco II”. Millyz has, over the years, earned himself a reputation as a seasoned rapper with hard-hitting lyrics. Having featured on the Showoff Radio, Funk Flex, Sway, […]

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ATM King

ATM King Drops New Track “IYKYK” ft Maesyn G

“Just don’t let emotions win, I battle myself on a daily, I came here for love, I came here for us …” – quote from “IYKYK” Massachusetts artist ATM King just dropped a new track titled “IYKYK” featuring Maesyn G. The song is about the story of Maesyn G and ATM King, as they go through the difficulties of letting love into their relationship. They must decide if allowing emotions to take over is the right thing to do, or […]

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Coi Leray

Coi Leray Releases Video For Her Single “Rick Owens”

“You know everything I do, you know they do it, but I do it better, you know…” – quote from “Rick Owens” Superstar female emcee Coi Leray has released the much-anticipated video of her new song “Rick Owens”. This video, which was directed by Valley Vision, comes after she recorded massive success from the release of her “Now Or Never” EP. In this video, a fire-breather ushers the rapper in, as she alternates from flaming backgrounds to snowy ones, spitting […]

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Kobe Red

Kobe Red ft 100K Ree in New Track “Talk My Shit”

“Gettin’ money for real, don’t need a deal. Stay independent, bi*** you know the drill…” – quote from “Talk My Shit” Kobe Red is out of the studio with a new track and he raps about living in extravagance after working so hard to climb up the ladder; he calls this one “Talk My Shit”. The talented rapper and songwriter is all about the struggles he faced a while back, placing it side by side with the success he has […]

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DanielFromSalem Brings a Whole New Feeling with His New Act “So Loco”

“I feel like shi*, But I’m never gonna quit, I feel like a loser, But I’m never gonna quit…” – quote from “So Loco” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/3goFRIzHHjhwwyXz6uLqHH American electronic rock artist DanielFromSalem is out with another new track “So Loco” from his latest project Best Damn Party.  Daniel who is actually from Salem, Massachusetts as his name implies went all out with this track and its accompanying music video to make a song that is nothing short of creative and highly […]

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Jefe Replay

Jefe Replay Opens Up New Album with “A Different Road”

“I’m just out here taking trips, shi* I never seen before…had to take a different road…” – quote from “A Different Road” STREAM:https://open.spotify.com/album/5tQurF5nC0kX2iiyggwTaJ When you talk about grand openings, Jefe Replay should come to mind as the Roxbury, Massachusetts hip-hop artist has made an opening with the release of “A Different Road”, an introductory song to his album “Proper Finessments”. “A Different Road” and the other tracks making up the album was released on February 1, 2019 which coincidentally or […]

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