504icygrl Releases “For The Win” ft Poppy H


In the underground scenes of New Orleans, highly talented independent artist 504icygrl has been on a steady grind, churning out fun tracks for the past two years.

The upcoming artist is known for her bouncy punchlines, crisp pronunciation, and X-rated lyrics. On this track, “For The Win,” she collaborates with her partner and fellow underground rapper Poppy H, and their synergy is undeniable as they deliver their lyrics and the hook.

This is the fourth time they’re collaborating on a song together. The other three, “Uppity,” “Stiky,” and “Ain’t Sweet,” were just as bouncy as this new track. She also has other singles you should check out. Some of them include “Hello Kitty” and “Totin,'” which was an out of her last studio project, “Zazaland,” released about a year ago.



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