Ejay Mallard Loves Hard in “Heartbreak Kid”

Ejay Mallard

“I hate to be this blunt, but girl I gotta let you know, I’m a heartbroken kid…”

– quote from “Heartbreak Kid”

Ejay Mallard doesn’t grow quiet when love grabs ahold of him. He expresses just how hard he loves in his new song “Heartbreak Kid.” To him, love is a force and a storm not to be messed with. He glides between notes in succession to describe how he feels.

Ejay is an extraordinary artist and a very intriguing individual. He funnels his pain through music that everyone can relate to. When speaking about his music, Ejay said, “As an artist, I want to be able to make people feel emotions from my music to the point that even if they never went through what I’m talking about, they’ll still visualize themselves in that position.”

He’s in a class of his own with his witty wordplay and resounding melody to the last harmony. His music gives you a vision of his story one note at a time.

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