In “Lose It”, Ease The Don Is Ready To Step In

Ease The Don

“I been trying to figure you out, watching from a distance, but I’m feeling you now…”

– quote from “Lose It”

Inglewood, California songster Ease The Don is ready to slide right on in to ease the pain in the new song “Lose It.” The track speaks to those going through struggles in their relationship. With his addicting vocals, Ease empowers and encourages you not to settle for less. There’s someone out there that’s willing to provide what you deserve.

“Lose It” is coupled with a narrative-driven video created by Blu and set in LA. It highlights the possibility of losing a love due to lack of support, and he steps in to fulfill their shoes.

When speaking about the song, Ease The Don said, “Women don’t have to be tied to a particular relationship just because it’s what they’re used to, especially if it’s toxic. This song serves as a positive yet humbling reminder that there are good people out there who are willing to provide what’s missing and give you what you deserve.”

Ease The Don has spent some time honing his craft during the pandemic and is now ready to let his music demonstrate his hard work.







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