Tinywiings Don’t Hold Back on “S.I.M.P.”


“Don’t know what you heard about me, bi*** going broke when he ballin out on me…”

– quote from “S.I.M.P.”

Canadian rapper, songwriter, and poet Tinywiings go all out in her new song “S.I.M.P.” It’s her play on 50 Cent‘s legendary track “P.I.M.P.”

“S.I.M.P.” came about when Tinywiings and her producer Unkle Ricky saw the word “simp” trending on social media. The song pays homage to the original, but with her twist on it.

At a young age, Tinywiings found her love for poetry, which led to her passion for music. She released her first single in 2019 and has been receiving support with over 500,000 Spotify streams. In addition, her single “Ruthless,” featuring Eazy Mac, won “Rap Recording of the Year” at the YYC Music Awards. In 2020, Tinywiings placed 5th place in the WorldScout International hip hop contest.


Tinywiings’ brother, PiK, is her biggest inspiration for pursuing music. He was recognized as a talented hip-hop artist and producer while growing up. It was he who taught her how to incorporate her poetry into raps.

Tinywiings has new solo projects and visuals underway for her fans, so be sure to follow her on her socials below for updates.

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