ZaRio Releases Debut Single “She Don’t Know Love”


“It’s like she don’t want love, she just can’t accept love cause sum’ happened with love…”

– quote from “She Don’t Know Love”

New R&B artist ZaRio releases his debut single “She Don’t Know Love,” an indulgent R&B song that will make listeners melt.

“She Don’t Know Love” is a realistic story about a girl who wants to experience love, but her past experiences prevent her from opening her heart. Zario steps in with the sweetest words and tells her not to be afraid. He assures her that he can make the pain in her eyes go away.

The track is coupled with a chilly visual that starts in a fluorescent-lit apartment hallway where ZaRio bumps into a beautiful girl. It advances to 3 months to the future, displaying a blooming relationship, zooming through snowy mountains, evergreen trees, snow-covered hills for this wintry romance. It ends in the same hallway it started, closing things to a full circle.

The Atlanta native, ZaRio, has worn every creative hat you can think of, from writing his own music to producing it. At 8 years old, he had a passion for music and singing. In middle school, he joined the choir and continued to grow. Once he reached high school, he shifted to becoming a motivated speaker. He balanced music and activism for some time, now he’s ready to share his music with the world.







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