Kooly Bros “Drunk Mess” ft. Young Thug

Kooly Bros

“I’m a drunk mess, give you drunk sex. I’m a drunk fest, get your drunk sex…”

– quote from “Drunk Mess”

Pop-rap duo The Kooly Bros shares their wild story in the mesmerizing single “Drunk Mess.” The track also features one of the most distinctive sonic signatures in popular music, the laser-precise quality of Young Thug’s vocals. Young Thug adds his unique perspective to the song, and together they touch on all the crazy things they do while intoxicated.

G Fresh and rapper Sanders have put in the work. Their recordings as Kooly Bros represent the fruition of all the ideas they’ve had while working on other projects, including G Fresh’s production for Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Future, and many other artists. His latest production is Lil Durk’s recent track “Not the Same” from the album “The Voice.”

In the clip for “Drunk Mess,” G Fresh and rapper Sanders are so at home on the Buckhead Streets of Atlanta that you’d never guess they were born in Switzerland. Accompanied by beautiful ladies, the pair make mischief in a convenience store and ride through the urban canyons on a hot night. Young Thug is sober, keeping cool in the studio. When they come together at the end of the clip, the party starts.

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