Luh Kel Drops New Music Video “F Love”

Luh Kel

“I can’t survive, covered in lies, need you by my side, car wreck when you not in the ride, I been moving so left you the right…”

– quote from “F Love”

Fresh new St. Louis artist Luh Kel released his latest single, “F Love.” In just a week, the “F Love” video has gained over eight hundred thousand views on YouTube and other online streaming platforms.

It is a new R&B track with a very catchy rhythm that serves as background to passionate lyrics that reveal the emotional trauma Luh Kel went through when his relationship with his girlfriend fell apart. “F Love” is an emotional and heartfelt expression of the pain, betrayal, heartbreak, and emptiness that the artist felt when he caught his girlfriend cheating.


The track is complemented by a powerful visual that begins with a scene of Luh Kel lighting a match and setting a car ablaze. Then it cuts back to scenes of him surprising her with a new car and showering gifts and love on her. He was in love and devoted to her, but she betrayed him by cheating on him. He admits that her betrayal left him feeling broken and damaged. Luh Kel declares “fu*k love” for all the pain and heartbreak he got from loving her. He goes on to set the car on fire, a scene which he admits was very much real and not just special effects.

Luh Kel is the latest R&B artist straight out of St. Louis. He started singing at the age of two, and since then, he has not stopped in the pursuit of his musical passion. Cinematic Music Group signed him on in 2019.

After releasing his breakout single “Wrong,” Luh Kel has continued to hold the interest of his fans and general audience with his unique style of bouncy, sing-along bouncers. “Wrong” charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

He has had collaborations with Queen Naija, Trippie Redd, Lil Tjay, and PnB Rock. His second project, “L.O.V.E,” gained massive recognition in 2020. Luh Kel completed his first nationwide tour supporting Polo G. He has over 703 million streams to his credit and has gone viral on Tik Tok.

Luh Kel is sure to drop more hits and great music this year with his talent and relentless efforts.








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