“Melodies” by Uprising Rapper Shy Billz

Shy Billz

“Thought you was here from the start give me a reason, why did you tell me you love me, you didn’t mean it…”

– quote from “Melodies”

Multitalented uprising rapper, Shy Billz dishes out something hot straight out of the oven, “Melodies”.

“Melodies” is a reminiscence of the story of a young hustler’s life and how he lives his life. He has had to work doubly hard to make and to proving himself in a where he is doubted. He does not blame the doubters and those who tried to make life hard for him instead he blames his father. All of the difficulties he had to endure made him stronger and more relentless in his pursuit of success.

Shy Billz, in his unique style with words, talks about the loss of his brother and how he was automatically left with the responsibility of catering for his late brother’s daughter. He commends loyal friends who have been supportive and loving through challenging times. He mentions how proud he knows his mother would be of him and that he loves her.


Shy Billz resonates these words passionately in his clear melodious voice making it known that he is not a quitter. Despite all that has been tossed at him, the doubts, hatred, difficulties, disloyalty and fake love, he is still able to sing melodies. This is the message that he wants to get across in this track.

“Melodies” is a drill trap-style rap song with a colorful visual accompaniment. The lyrical content is an urban street narrative with a synchronic blend of witty punch lines that keep the audience attuned to the message Shy Billz sends out in the song. “Melodies” has a catchy contemporary rhythm with drill and trap rap mixed in with some modern harmony and delivered in the smooth tenor of Shy Billz’s vocals.

Shy Billz is a native of East New York, Brooklyn. For him, making music is something that he started at the age of 11 and has not stopped. Coming from a family with musical roots and a family-owned studio, Shy Billz grew to be versatile in music. His songs include “Pull Up” and “Statement”. More videos, songs and projects are bound to come out from him in the near future.

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