Damez Drops Fresh New Single “Pretty Boy Freestyle”


“Pedal to the metal like my warranty extended, drippin’ like a model and my body lookin splendid…”

– quote from “Pretty Boy Freestyle”

Damez releases banging new single, “Pretty Boy Freestyle.”

“Pretty Boy Freestyle,” released on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and TIDAL, comes in the wake of a pretty fruitful year (2020) for the rapper. The track is a West Coast-style song that has a relaxed, celebratory ring to it.

Damez achieved quite a lot in the previous year, first with the release of his album and then being on the cover of three renowned magazines.

Damez displays his creativity and versatility in this track. He expertly switches flows and gives the music free rein to blend with the increasingly warmer weather and gradually dwindling pandemic turn out. He flawlessly spins self-penned lyrics talking about the lifestyle of the “pretty boy” who constantly stays on top of his game. After the grind and hustle, he enjoys the luxury lifestyle-changing his wardrobe, cruising on yachts, and generally living the drama-free top-tier lifestyle in the summer.


Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Damez is a songwriter, singer, dancer, activist, and voice on a steady rise in the hip-hop industry. He realized his passion for music at an early age. This led to him writing songs and entertaining his family with his performances as a child. At 6, his family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. There he explored his artistry amidst some challenges growing up (the divorce of his parents and the gruesome murder of his brother at a very young age).

Damez has quite a portfolio of achievements credited to his career. The versatility of his talent is displayed in his songs, which he writes by himself, and heavily choreographed videos. As a black LGBT, it has not been an easy road getting to the top with all society’s challenges. He, however, directs these challenges and his unique life experiences to his music even as he hopes to be a voice for others. He has released several projects and singles across online streaming platforms over the years.








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