Dree Rivers Returns with “come thru.”

Dree Rivers

“I don’t wanna say what I want to, but I want to. I can’t trust a bi*ch, but I still trust you…”

– quote from “come thru.”

Dree Rivers returns with “come thru.” from his upcoming EP “HEARTTHROB CAPSULE.”

“come thru.” is an attempt at closure for a toxic relationship. It captures the passionate feelings of regret and jealousy and delivers them on romantic, hopeful instrumental.

His previous track was sampled in “Sewerperson – Breaking the Exosphere”, which garnered over 500k plays.

Rivers is among the new wave rap and R&B balladeers who started making waves on Twitter. His ability to travel from ideas of love to thoughts about legacy and regret will have you lost in his intimate instrumentals. He says, “I want my music, not just to be a song, but to be an experience for people. Something for people to remember.”

Check out his debut single “Westside Story” while we anticipate the release of more music.






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