Banging New Single “‘Old Me” by YV Rich

YV Rich

“Missing all my dogs in the graveyard, give up everything just to see y’all…”

– quote from YV Rich

Young rapper YV Rich comes blazing with hot new track “‘Old Me.”

The song begins with a guitar and bass chords strumming a soothing, rhythmic tune. YV Rich comes in strong from the get-go after the guitar and bass intro. He spits punchy, fiery bars that fall in smooth symphony with the track beat. “‘Old Me” is a musical delicacy for the ears with its rich blend of catchy rhythm and the well-modulated tenor of YV Rich’s vocals.

The video shows scenes of YV Rich standing confidently on a deserted road as he raps about wanting to return to his old self and how challenging his life has been. The scene alternately switches to other settings of him surrounded by his homies showing their support and solidarity. “‘Old Me” is a song about pain, struggle, difficult times, and motivation. It’s about loyalty, a vital trait that YV Rich stands for.

Hip-hop artist YV Rich hails from West Haven, Connecticut. The young recording artist strongly believes in loyalty and talks about it every chance he gets. In 2012, YV Rich began his rapping career alongside his brother Dope Visionn in Liberia, Africa. He decided to invest himself fully into his musical career about 3 years ago and since then has been working resiliently to put his name out there. He stepped out of his comfort zone and shut his ears against any and all forms of negativity.

YV Rich has thrown himself into developing his craft and sound. He believes that his style is unique from that of other artists. His songs are all about the truth and reality, his reality. He is convinced that it is just a matter of time before the world can feel and hear his pain as conveyed in his music.





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