Rudeboy Ruger Returns with a Video for “Cynic”

Rudeboy Ruger

“Some man a boast loyalty but dem nuh live it, dawg dem quick fi sell you out in a minute…”

– quote from “Cynic”

Dancehall artist Rudeboy Ruger is back with a new visual for his previously released single “Cynic.” The video, which was directed by SVNVSN, shows Rudeboy constantly looking over his shoulder while feeling the presence of his own “shadow.” The track touches on the distrust of those outside of Ruger’s inner circle. It goes further into the notion that sometimes our biggest enemy is in the mirror, ourselves.

Rudeboy Ruger was born in the U.S. and grew up immersed in West Indian culture. His upbringing was heavily influenced by Caribbean sounds. He initially started out as a rapper and transitioned into creating Dancehall music after learning about Trinidad and Tobago’s scene, also known as the “Trinibad” movement.

Ruger remains true to his own experiences of growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, a city containing a dense Caribbean population. He aspires to be one of the artists to serve as the West Indian American experience’s voice.







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