Bizkit & Kid Drops Hot New Jam “Horizon”

Bizkit & Kid

“People sick, people dying, but I hope it’s better over the horizon…”

– quote from “Horizon”

Four-time Grammy-nominee Bizkit’ and Kid (from Kid ’N Play) come with creative guns blazing in this animated music video, “Horizon.”

The song was inspired by the Twilight Zone-like state that the world was thrown into in 2020. It was first written in the heat of the global pandemic and during the Black Lives Matter movement. It was also motivated by the more recent #StopAsianHate movement.

“Horizon” is a cheerful hip-hop track with a deep message of hope and keeping the faith in testy times. It is a song to remind us that there are better days on the horizon despite the present situation in the world we live in. Bizkit and Kid decided to write a more cheerful and upbeat song to connect with people after observing that most other songs written on these global issues were down-tempo and depressing. With “Horizon,” listeners can vibe hard to the jam while at the same time receiving the message of hope and the reassurance that these, too, will pass.

Producer, saxophonist, actor, model, and engineer, Bizkit was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also known as Brotherly Love. Bizkit is an accomplished artist with remarkable achievements to his credit. He was the saxophonist in Beyonce’s hit song, “Déjà vu,” went on a global tour with John Legend for seven years, formed the NAC band with Butta, Mark Vincent, and STS, among other notable feats. Bizkit aspires to entertain and make people happy with his music even as he continues to produce catchy and witty tracks with great hooks that people can relate to.

Bronx, New York, Christopher “Kid” Reid is a rapper and actor popularly known as “Kid” from the late 1980s/early 1990s hip-hop act, Kid N Play. Over the years, Kid has featured in several television programs and on shows like Comics Unleashed and Celebracadabra, to name but a few. He also tours as a stand-up comedian sometimes. The theme song to HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher is his most recent contribution to music. His music video, “Why Don’t You Stay,” continues to receive wide recognition.










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