Vana Liya Drops New Single “Come Away” ft Half Pint

Vana Liya

“Time to take control, see it unfold, open your eyes, free up your mind…”

– quote from “Come Away

Vana Liya releases a new single, “Come Away,” featuring Jamaican dancehall and reggae legend Half Pint. In the song, the two reflect the times we’re in and the racial violence and political injustice in a light way. 

“Come Away” was produced by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and Stick Figure member Johnny Cosmic. The track had been initially constructed by Vana and Johnny as a reggae-pop club track before Half Pint was asked to collaborate on it. Vana was blown away by the vocals and tagline that Half Pint sent.

“Come Away” serves as a sample of what has been a consistent flow and wide range of new material Vana Liya has had in the works over the past year. It is also indicative of a profoundly personal renaissance that she has been undergoing with her evolution as an artist.

Vana grew up east of New York City in Deer Park, NY. At an early age, Vana was surrounded by soca, calypso, dancehall, and reggae music and began singing at 12. In 2014, she started playing the ukulele – a gift that changed the course of her life and journey. She began posting ukulele covers to YouTube and Instagram of songs by her favorite reggae artists like Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, and Pepper. Her smooth voice combined with reggae-rock-ukulele chick belting out fan favorites. Her videos started taking off and getting lots of views.

In 2018, Vana signed with Pepper’s LAW Records, becoming their first female and first solo artist. She moved from New York to Los Angeles, where she formed her band. She spent much of 2019 touring.







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