New Single “Prove” by DJ Zenas


“Only taking W’s, runnin wit my team, we cannot lose, lose, too much to prove, prove yeah…”

– quote from “Prove”

DJ Zenas comes up with this fresh hot track straight out of his soul, “Prove.”

“Prove” is a tribute to the legend Kobe Bryant. It’s a song about love and life, treating ourselves and the people around us right, and importantly about not giving up on our dreams. The track’s lyrics ride on the famous quote of the legend, “the definition of greatness is to inspire the people next to you.” It also goes in line with the “Mamba Mentality” concept by which Kobe lived his life. It means that you rest in the end and not in the middle.

DJ Zenas applies these principles to his art and profession, tapping into his inner potentials and greatness to create an enigmatic message that anybody can relate to in his music. “Prove” talks about relentlessly pursuing your dreams without invalidating the efforts and contributions of others towards the success of that pursuit. It is about faith, love, hope, confidence and hard work, and the recognition that we need others in our journey to greatness. Even haters spur us to be better with their constant criticisms.

The track has a catchy and rhythmic tune that makes it easy to vibe to. This blends smoothly with the contemporary trap rap style that DJ Zenas adopts in the delivery of his lyrics. His words are powerful, meaningful, and go straight to the heart-stirring up inspiration and hope in the listener. DJ Zenas has a unique sound which reflects in “Prove.”


DJ Zenas is a versatile artist and not just a DJ, as his performing name might suggest. Coupled with disc jockeying at several local and international events, he is also a musician who composes, produces, and performs his own songs. Although he is a native of Denver, Colorado. Zenas moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2019 to advance his career. He hooked up with the producer Jon-John Robinson, and they did some collaborations in multiple projects.

DJ Zenas has also created several tracks for the animated series “The Black Sands” Soundtrack. He continues to work on his own music with releases that reveal his prowess not only as a DJ, shedding more light on other aspects of his talents.






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