D.R. Da Rula Drops Single “Keep the Flowers When I’m Gone”

D.R. Da Rula

“Only time I feel alive, when my baby smile…”

– quote from “Keep the Flowers When I’m Gone”

D.R. Da Rula brings another hot new addition to the music scene, “Keep the Flowers When I’m Gone.”

D.R. Da Rula pours out his heart in his typical manner in this song off his latest project, “Will Rap 4 Food 2”. The versatile rapper is known for his passionate lyrics and the heartfelt way he pours his heart and soul into his music. His lyrics are right off his heart’s depth that you just can’t help but feel the music.

“Keep the Flowers When I’m Gone” (KTFWIG) is about D.R Da Rula and his internal musings about death and dying. He admits to not wanting to die young because he hasn’t achieved the level of success he aspires to reach. There are internal struggles that he deals with daily coupled with family challenges.

D.R Da Rula also talks about his friend who died and how he feels whenever he hears about anyone’s death. He admits to the darkness and battles he fights and only feels alive when his baby smiles.

D.R Da Rula expertly drops punchy lines and soul gripping bars that fall perfectly in line with the track’s rhythmic staccato. “Keep the Flowers When I’m Gone” has a trap-style cadence with a twist of Da Rula’s unique melody. There are scenes of him in the video lying on the ground with some flowers around him, and he says that you can bring the flowers when he’s gone.

D.R Da Rula is one of the best young rappers out of Detroit. His music is authentic, and he keeps it absolutely real and tasteful. His music is knowledgeable and truthful, with a grind dimension that stirs up the hustle spirit. D.R Da Rula has some hot projects to his credit, including his latest works, “Will Rap 4 Food” and its sequel “Will Rap 4 Food 2”. He continues to make music to his fans and listeners’ delight while working to get to the top.






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