“I Know” by Rxtherapper ft JD Feighner, Freeway Rick Ross & DJ Efn


“Yeah, I know I should care more, but I don’t, I don’t. Yeah, I told her I’d call, but I won’t, I won’t…”

– quote from “I Know”

Rxtherapper comes with full steam in this old-school jazz-style rap track, “I Know,” featuring JD Feighner, Freeway Rick Ross, and DJ Efn.

“I Know” is a song about the constant daily hurdles of an artist trying to succeed. It is about the artist’s high and low points battling with egocentrism and vanity, which is a drawback to his success.

The track has a mid-tempo, foot-tapping rhythm and is packed tight with passionate bars that are as real as it gets. The visual accompaniment to the track begins with a scene of Happy Hour discussion where Rx is mentioned and then rolls into a scene of Rx seated at a table working on a song. The video is an apt complement to the audio track, and it ends with a set of Rx walking into an AAA meeting where he introduces himself and admits to being an alcoholic.

Rxtherapper is gifted with the ability to adopt different styles of music. “I Know” is a track that affirms his lyrical expertise and versatility, proving yet again that he is not restricted by one sound but can work smoothly with different cadence and rhythmic patterns.

In his career, he has worked with some artists, including Twista, Wrekonize of Mayday, Kxng Crooked, Spice 1, San Quinn, and lots more. His album, “The Elixir,” was released in 2019, and “I Know” is one of the tracks featured in it. He also has a joint EP, “Life after Life,” and the first single in it, “On Top,” has already been released.

Rxtherapper has been featured in the “Legacy” album of “80 Empire”. His video, “Whoa oh oh,” has aired 15 times on PopFuzion TV Top Videos on Comcast, U-verse, Spectrum, and Cox cable since March 6th. He is on Hurricane Vol. 1 and has appeared on Crack in the System” a Netflix documentary. Rx has been featured on WorldStarHipHop and in blogs. He continues to work his way to the top, taking the airwaves by storm.





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