Kuttem Reese Drops New Video for “Be Here”

Kuttem Reese

“If I ain’t have these funds girl you probably wouldn’t be here. If I ain’t have these guns I wouldn’t be here …”

– quote from “Be Here”

Buzzing Orlando, Florida rapper Kuttem Reese recently dropped a video to back up his new single titled “Be Here.” The visual showcases Kuttem’s undeniable presence, and his magnetism pops off of the screen. He tears through the heavy-hitting bass and piano with verbal precision and infectious chorus.

“Be Here” paves the way for more to come from Kuttem Reese. HipHopDX stated, “Yet another artist from Florida is on their way to the big leagues,” and the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers bumped his song “Madden” to celebrate their NFC championship win earlier this year.


Kuttem Reese overcame the most challenging odds in Orlando, Florida, by rapping nonstop. He’s the oldest of six kids, so he had to grow up fast. At a young age, his mother went to prison, and he and his siblings moved with his grandmother. During this time, Reese developed a love for music. He started by rapping to a friend’s beat in a hotel room. He posted it to Instagram and continued to make tracks ever since. He dropped some successful singles “Rugrat” and “Boston Celtics” after his debut “My Story.”

Kuttem has put serious numbers on the board, garnering 5 million YouTube views and over 1 million SoundCloud plays. This year, he’s throwing down even harder on a series of singles for Republic Records.





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